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Ulema’s role vital in fighting corruption, says AGO

KABUL (Pajhwok): Participants of a two-day conference on Saturday said religious scholars could play a vital role in eradication of administrative corruption, which they listed as one of the factors behind the conflict.

Around 200 ulema from different parts of the country attended the conference titled “Voice of Minbar against corruption” on the day one in Kabul.

Afghanistan Ulmea Council head Qayamuddin Kashaf said corruption existed in most of government institutions.

He termed corruption as one of the main reasons behind the war and conflict in the country and added people lacked option but to approach the Taliban for resolution to their disputes.

He stressed greater ulma’s role against eradication of corruption by spreading awareness among people and encouraging them to disclose the names of corrupt individuals.

Attorney General Fareed Hameed termed the fight against corruption as a vital task and hoped the two-day conference would suggest ways how to eradicate corruption and wrongdoing.

“Peace is not possible until there is corruption which dries up the roots of a nation’s base. I hope sincerity and strong commitment of the government and cooperation of ulema will enable us to fight corruption more strongly,” he said.

The attorney general termed cooperation between police and his office as key to overcoming corruption.

He said the Attorney General Office (AGO) was apolitical and called on people to let them enforce law on corrupt people without any ethnic and linguistic differentiation.

The conference will end with speech of President Ashraf Ghani at the Presidential Palace.


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