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Paktia people complain about fading NGOs activities

GARDEZ (Pajhwok): Residents and officials of southeastern Paktia province say activities and coverage of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the province have turned lukewarm.

They want active presence of different aid and humanitarian foundations and NGOs in the province to play a positive role in improving people’s lives in various areas.

Abdul Malik Zazai, head of Paktia provincial council, told Pajhwok Afghan News that their province needed serious efforts in health’s economic self-sufficiency, children care, and development and construction areas.

He said besides NGOs, the government should also work for improving people’s living standard.

 “There are many problems in almost all arenas, no significant work has been done here, we need basic projects and developments which were made ages ago in other provinces. But the good news is that the ground for work here is very open,” he said.

Ajmal Massoudzai, a resident of Ahmadabad district of Paktia, believed some national and international NGOs were involved in corruption because employments in such organs were not based on a transparent manner.

“NGOs are very poorly active, they make recruitment based on links and nepotism, they do not hire qualified people,” he said.

“NGOs has a limited presence here, whenever I check ACBAR (a job seeking website) for jobs, there are very limited NGOs related jobs for Paktia, compared to other provinces, “Massoudzai added.

Romal, a resident of Gardez, the provincial capital, said he had not seen any activities by an NGO in the province since long ago.

“In the past, NGOs were good. They would work for public awareness, social assistance and other areas, but now the situation has changed and I wonder why NGOs are inactive in a peaceful province like Paktia,” he said.

A number of other residents of Paktia held similar views.

On the other hand, FirozH abib Safi, Paktia economy director, also acknowledged that NGOs activities had drastically reduced in the province, compared to other first grade provinces.

He said good opportunities were available for NGOs in Paktia where there were no security problems to hinder their activities.

“NGOs are very active in Balkh, Kandahar and Nangarhar which are first grade provinces compared to their activities in Paktia of the same grade. There are only 35 NGOs in Paktia compared to 120 in Kandahar and 125 in Nangarhar,” he said.

Paktia Governor Shamim Khan Katawazi also said that NGOs’ activities had generally decreased and their low presence in the province was unacceptable for him.

He said the ground for NGOs activities in Paktia was paved and the local administration could provide any facilities they needed.

“We are trying to bring NGOs which are active in other areas but not here, the activities of present NGOs in Paktia are also very weak and not acceptable,” he added.


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