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MPs want Naebzada’s house siege lifted immediately

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some senators on Tuesday lashed out at Vice President AmrullahSaleh over his threatening remarks to Wolesi Jirga Member Amir ShahNaebzada and demanded removal of security siege fro the lawmaker’s house in 24 hours.

In addition, some civil society activists in a press conference warned if threats and warnings to Naebzada did not stop, the people of Badghis will come out to the streets in protest.

Earlier, Saleh in a telephonic conversation with Naebzada had accused him of cooperating with the Taliban in an abusing language. He warned him to apologize for whatever he did otherwise he would be sent to the hell.

Subsequently, the government put Naebzada’s name on Exit Control List, but Naebzada rejected all the allegations leveled against him.

Shah WaliNaebzada, a Mesharano Jirga member and brother of Naebzada, said unfair appointments in Badghis were the reason behind the threats, adding that the vice president should not blame his brother for the wrong doing of local administration.

He said: “While we are sick, our house in Kabul has been under siege for a week, no one is allowed to enter or leave. If my brother is guilty and there are documents, supporting the audio clip of vice president then why they don’t punish him, if there were documents against my brother, not only he but I too are ready to be executed.”

Referring to the siege of their house, he said: “Taliban who wage terror and tyranny do not force women and children of an Afghan to be under siege.”

RahmatullahAchakzai, a lawmaker from Kandahar province, termed the siege of Naebzada’s house as against the law and added: “The case is handled indiscriminately and personally.”

He added security forces who had besieged Naebzada’s house do not allow his children to get food from market.

Mohammad Hanif, a lawmaker from Uruzgan province, said: “If you are threatening this will have bad consequences, this is not a place to exhibit power. If Naebzada’s house siege does not end in 24 hours Herat, Badghis, Uruzgan, Zabul and Helmand provinces will cut ties with government and the responsibility will be on the government.”

Senate Chairman FazalHadiMuslimyar said: “Accusing lawmakers without evidence and proof is against the law. The vice president should pay respect to the law that has approved him as vice president.”


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