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Taliban want a kingship-like Islamic system: Dr. Alima

28 Jul 2021 - 16:02
28 Jul 2021 - 16:02

KABUL (Pajhwok): Deputy State Minister for Peace Affairs says the Taliban emphasize on the establishment of an Islamic system based on the constitution of 1964 when a kingship government ruled Afghanistan while the current generation support a republican system.

Dr. Alima, deputy and acting state minister in peace affairs talking to a meeting of Afghanistan Peace House in Kabul today said that intra-Afghan negotiations did not continue systematically in Doha despite the process was started months ago.

She said that there were opinions that suggest the agenda of peace talks should be shortened as there was no other solution to the Afghan conflict without negotiations.

“Taliban are given international legitimization, the Taliban who should get present for negotiations, are instead on a fake pride and they think they will rule Afghanistan by force,” she said.

“You do not like to talk about war, because our job is peace, but when we are fallen in a proxy war then we and people are obliged to defend our country,” Alima said.

About recent talks between Taliban and government negotiating teams, she said, “Release of 7,000 Taliban inmates, removal of Taliban leaders from blacklist and preparing a new constitution are main subjects offered by Taliban, they want to enforce the Islamic Emirate by changing the constitution.”

“Despite they (Taliban) have no definition of Islamic system, but they emphasize that the Islamic system should be based on the constitution of 1964 which was a royal system, the government and people of Afghanistan want republic based on which any citizen have the right of vote…,” she added.

Afghanistan’s constitution in 1964 was approved during the leadership of former Afghan king, Zahir Shah. It was enforceable until 1976 when another constitution was approved under the leadership of former president, Mohammad Daud Khan.

However, a Taliban spokesman, ZabihullahMujahid on the regard said, “These details and all words should be discussed on the negotiation table, I do not confirm what things have been talked about and what not, but the Afghan people in general want Islamic system, the government should be established based on Islamic principles, not based on copies from a western country…,”

“The Afghan people experienced elections for the last two decades, they only saw fraud, nothing else, we do not want our people and country to remain in crisis, every time our issues are solved by Americans and others and we see sharing of power, these things are not acceptable to us, an Islamic system is a strong system which is based on Islamic rules that secure high national interests,” he said.

NaginaYari, executive head of Afghanistan Peace House, also in today’s meeting said that the international community was playing the role of a spectator in Afghanistan crisis and it did not want to support achievements of the last two decades.

“We do not want peace to remain a wish, we work for achieving it, the international community should support the system and achievements of the last two decades; because we do not want to repeat the five-year Taliban regime again,” she said.

“Women in the Taliban-controlled areas are in worst situation, the achievements, particularly the achievements of women should not be ignored… Afghan forces are part of the achievements of the two decades and they should not be sacrificed,” Yari added.

However, she did not provide details about her claims.

Mohammad NaimAyubzada, a leadership member of the institute, asked the government to provide a clear definition of friends and enemies in the peace process. He said that whatever performed in the peace process was a deal, not a peace process.

About the visa offers to civil society activists in Afghanistan, he said, “Only these people are human and 30 million others are not, we do not need their visas, this chaos has made people concerned and helped Taliban’s psychological warfare.”

The international community should stop its dual policy about the Afghan peace process and do not confuse people with some of its programs, he said.


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