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Afghans ridicule government from abroad announcement

29 Sep 2021 - 18:07
29 Sep 2021 - 18:07

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Afghan embassy in Switzerland has posted on its Facebook page that some leaders of the Ghani government are continuing to work as a government from abroad, but many condemned the move and Mujahid said it does not worth a response.

About a month and a half ago, Kabul fell to the Taliban and they now control the entire country.

Former President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani fled the country after the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, but his first vice president and some other officials went to Panjshir and started armed resistance there, however, after six days of fighting, Panjshir was captured by the Taliban. The leaders of this resistance have also gone abroad.

The official statement on the official Facebook page of the Afghan embassy in Switzerland states that the “Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan” is the only legitimate body in Afghanistan and has been established “on elections and the people’s vote” and “no other body can replace a legitimate government.

The source added: “After the departure of President [Ghani] and his ties cut off with politics and the country’s administration, the first vice president (Amrullah Saleh) has been appointed acting head of government in accordance with the provisions of the constitution.” He is in charge of the affairs of the country. ”

The source said without elaborating that the decision was taken after consultation with “political leaders, without naming any.

The source added that the location of the Government of Afghanistan abroad will be announced soon, a “High Council of State” will be formed to lead the affairs, and embassies will continue to function normally.

The statement supported the “Resistance Front” and called on the world not to recognize Afghanistan’s new caretaker government.

About it,  Zabihullah Mujahid, deputy information and culture minister, said: “It’s not worth a reaction.”

The news was also published on BBC Farsi’s Facebook page and more than 1700 people have written various comments on it.

Pajhwok reviewed about 300 comments in a row, of which only two supported the declaration of government from abroad and the rest opposed it.

Massoud Akbari wrote to government officials from outside: “What have you done at home except making people life miserable, you committed robberies and now you want a government abroad.”

Naseem Stanekzai echoed the sentiment, saying: “You are not tired of looting and plundering the treasury inside the country. Now, at the behest of our colonial masters, you are squandering the budget of the oppressed nation abroad.”

“This is the story of the first Taliban era when Rabbani fled the Taliban after the fall of Kabul and declared government from Panjshir and Badakhshan,” he said. ”

Some have ridiculed the government’s announcement from outside.

“Not outside the country but (on Mars) because they have completed their mission on Earth,” writes Zia Bari.

New NASA news shows that Republican fugitives have built a town on Mars that houses the Presidential Palace as well as the Spydar Palace, both Parliament and the Peace Council. “Political parties and jihadi organizations have set up tents on one side.”

“How much Afghanistan has progressed, it has three presidents, two at home and one abroad, Mashaallah.”

But Ali Rahmati wrote: “Long live Ghani Baba! We are proud of him.”

Saleh Sajjad from Switzerland wrote : “Great !!! We have millions of people inside the country with you.”


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