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Kandahar residents complain about high food, fuel prices

Kandahar residents complain about high food, fuel prices

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5 Dec 2021 - 14:47
Kandahar residents complain about high food, fuel prices
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5 Dec 2021 - 14:47

KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Food and fuel prices have sharply increased in southern Kandahar province over the past three months and local people complain they are unable to buy daily use items.

The price-hike comes after the political change in the country rendered tens of thousands of people unemployed. The economic situation of the country has been affected before the cold winter approaches.

Kandahar people say there is no price control mechanism, with the rates of each commodity increasing from 50 percent to 90 percent which faced them with huge troubles.

Mohibullah, a resident of Kandahar City, said the price of all items had increased, particularly the prices of food items and fuel.

He said that the previous price of a 50 kilograms bag of flour was 1,900 afghanis compared to the current rate of 2,400 or 2,500 afghanis.

He said that the price of a kilogram of gas used to be 40 or 50afghanisbut now it had reached 90 afghanis.

In a situation where there are no jobs and people are facing severe economic problems, how would they be able to purchase these items? he asked

Noor Ahmad is another Kandahar resident who lost his job and has been unemployed for the past three months.

He also complained about the high prices and said he was obliged to stop using his motorbike and instead walk due to high fuel rates.

“I used to buy a liter of petrol for my motorcycle for 40afghanis, now I pay 70afghanis, so the price of everything has skyrocketed and people can’t afford them,” he said.

“People expected the prices would return to normal as the situation normalized, but on the contrary, they are rising with each passing day,” he said.

Ahmad said that officials should control the prices and get people out of the current troubled situation.

Kandahar shopkeepers say the price of goods has risen sharply due to appreciation of US dollar against the afghani.

Samiullah, a shopkeeper, said that traders had raised the price of goods because they purchased the items in US dollars.

Shopkeepers earn very little profit on goods but some people, taking advantage of the situation, had artificially increased the prices of some items, he said.

On the other hand, food and other commodity traders say that the prices of good have surged not only in Afghanistan but also in the world.

Mahmood, a food trader, said that besides the price-hike which was a worldwide issue, Afghanistan faced some other problems as well such as restrictions on banks and depreciation of the Afghan currency.

Kandahar municipality officials say they have no control over prices in the city, but held regular meetings with local officials for reducing the prices.

Kandahar municipality spokesman, ZmaraiSargand, said that they could not control the prices of goods in the city in the free market but the municipality had talked with traders, investors, company officials and trade unions on ways to reduce prices.

The prices of cooking oil, flour, rice, fuel, wood and other food and non-food items have risen by 40 to 90 per cent in Kandahar and no effective steps have been takenso far to restore normalcy.


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