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‘Early diagnosis, treatment of breast cancer reduce death risk’

KABUL (Pajhwok): Breast cancer is a dangerous disease that kills a large number of women every year, however, breastfeeding, regular exercise, prevention of obesity and not eating fatty and fast foods could be effective in preventing the disease.

Dr. NajmulsamaShafajo, an obstetrician, made these statements during an interview with Pajhwok Afghan News.

What is cancer?

Cancer is growth of cells in an uncontrollable pattern in the body which has various types. If not diagnosed in time, the disease can be difficult or even impossible to treat. Breast cancer is one of the common types of cancer in women.

Medical experts say breast cancer is a disease in which the breast cells grow abnormally and out of control, and cells in the breast usually appear as a tumor, swelling or as a lump.

There are different types of breast cancer. The type depends on which type of breast cell is affected.

Risk factors of breast cancer

Dr. NajmulsamaShafajo said, “The thorax is two organs of developed gland, which God created in women in order to feed their babies, it is a gland that has external division.”

About the cause of breast cancer, she said, “It is not clear yet what is the cause of cancers, but they have some factors, including obesity, anxiety, lack of physical activity, and the use of fatty and fast foods, which can lead to cancers, including breast cancer.”

She said that women who do not breastfeed their children and use powdered milk are at higher risk of the disease. She also considered heredity as another factor of breast cancer in women.

“Breast cancer is also inherited to children in five percent of cases, which can be transmitted from mother to daughter and from aunt to niece,” she said.

Doctors say early diagnosis of cancer can reduce the risk of death

Dr. Mamosi, a former deputy public health minister, called breast cancer one of the most common cancers in the country, saying that low public awareness is one of the main reasons for high breast cancer cases in the country.

He said that early diagnosis and treatment of the disease could help avoid death.

Mamosi stressed that timely action should be taken to diagnose and treat the disease, otherwise it was not treatable when enter critical phases.

What can prevent the disease?

About the prevention of the disease, Shafajo said, “Breastfeeding is one of the ways to prevent the disease. I asked some lazy women to engage in physical activity, women who are overweight should lose weight, another important issue is that mothers should breastfeed their children for at least two years, it is very important.”

Regular exercise and use of natural foods, especially fruits, are very effective for the body which increase resistance and prevent diseases such as cancer, she said.

Doctors suggest that fast foods such as chips should be avoided as they increase the risk of cancer among people.

“I ask women to breastfeed their children, because it is easy and economic, it protects women from breast cancer and ovarian cancer…” she said.

Are the figures of breast cancer cases worrisome in Afghanistan?

DrShafajo said, “I can say that breast cancer is on the rise in Afghanistan, because most women do not visit a doctor, most of them die without diagnosis, so they are out of sight, and we do not have accurate figures.”

However,Ministry of Public Health says that more than 40,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in Afghanistan each year, of which nearly 20,000 die.


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