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Hundreds of absent schoolteachers replaced in Ghor

Hundreds of absent schoolteachers replaced in Ghor

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1 Jan 2023 - 18:11
Hundreds of absent schoolteachers replaced in Ghor
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1 Jan 2023 - 18:11

FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): The Education Department of western Ghor province says 560 new teachers have been appointed to replace long absent teachers in the province.

Some students and parents welcome the new appointments and say attendance of teachers should be strictly monitored.

Mohammad Hafiz Sabiri, deputy director of Ghor education department, told Pajhwok Afghan News the new teachers were appointed in schools of both the provincial capital and districts.

During the past one year, 560 absent teachers were identified and fired from their jobs and then removed from the structure of Education Ministry, Sabiri added.

The new teachers filled all vacant positions of permanent absent teachers: “Through an open competition, we succeeded to take an exam and appoint the new teachers in different educational institutions,” he said.

The educational system was further reinforced with replacement of the absent teachers, Hafiz Sabiri said.

“Appointing new teachers can pave the way for better educational environment for students of this country”.

Since the Islamic Emirate’s takeover, none of the absent teachers were paid their salaries, he said.

He said the education department along with other provincial officials was trying to build more schools in remote areas of the province.

“We reconstructed 35 school buildings in different parts of the province and created 2,500 local classes in the provincial capital and districts, which further assisted the education process”, the official added.

Since the takeover, we tried a lot to establish religious seminaries and Quran memorization centers (Darul Hifaz) as well, Sabiri said.

“We established 107 madaris, 40 centers of memorization of the Quran in Ferozkoh city and districts and a huge Jihadi Madrasa that has the capacity for 1,000 students”, he said.

Residents complained some teachers remained absent from duty and hailed the efforts of the Education Department to strengthen the sector.

Abdul Aziz, student of a school in Dawlina district. said most teachers did not pay attention to their attendance.

“We are not properly taught because our teachers come to the classes every other day or every other week. We have complained to the administrator, but to no avail,” he added.

He also admired the Education Department’s move to replace absent teachers and expressed the hope that the absentees’ matter will be permanently solved.

Bibi Marwa, a teacher in Ferozkoh city, also complained some teachers did not turn up for duty and praised the educational department for firing such individuals.

“If this problem is not considered by the officials as it was neglected during the previous government, the students will be raised illiterate”, she added.

Khair Mohammad, father of a student, said teachers who continuously remain absent from duty should fired. He urged the government to pay more attention to their children education.

However, some students and their parents complained about shortage of textbooks and asked the provincial officials to address this issue as well.

Mohammad Rafiq Joya, an education affairs expert, told Pajhwok Afghan News: “There are many madaris and schools where some teachers regularly receive salaries but they do not come for duty. This issue is widespread in remote areas.”

He said teachers should be strictly monitored to ensure they attended classes regularly.

“The government has the responsibility to provide all needed materials, create standard classes, prepare good curriculum, appoint professional teachers, provide textbooks and equipped labs,” he added.

He expressed the hope that the caretaker government would take practical steps for improvement of the educational system in the country.



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