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Compromise on food to get education, says Fatemah Hashami

20 Feb 2023 - 19:20
20 Feb 2023 - 19:20

NELLI (Pajhwok): Fatimah Hashami, a teacher in the Khakbad School in Nelli, the capital of central Daikundi province, served as honorary teacher for five years during her total 15 year service.

Narrating her story, she told Pajhwok reporter that soon after joining school the idea to teach others incepted in her mind and then she worked hard to make her dream reality.

During her learning period, Fatimah’s luck supported her and the school authorities where she was studying agreed that she could teach the lower classes.

“For five years I served as honorary teacher and made no absence, at the end of the education year I got some bonus as part of encouragement,” she said.

She added after five years of honorary service a chance was offered to become permanent teacher. “From 2012 till now I serve as official teacher in the Khakbad School.”

She added most of her family members — her father, sister, two brothers, brother’s wife and nephews served as teachers in different schools and this further encouraged her to become a teacher and served the children.

Fatemah said the profession of teaching provided awareness to children regarding the life and their future.

After her school duty, Fatemah said she taught at private school, adding that teacher should introduce new methods in their profession.

She said that she had arranged a puzzle table and thought work for her students in the school, which made the students understand each topic very carefully and be able to find solution for each problem.

She said for the coming education year she have more plans and prepared more thought tables.

She recalled during Covid-19 pandemic when educational institutions were closed she recorded videos and provided to the students, adding the often she was caught in difficulties related to her profession but she never surrendered.

Referring to the valued and importance of education Fatemah said education is a matter of reasoning and thoughts, education brought up a person and polishes his soul

At the core of her discussion, she said people should not allow their children to get distance from education irrespective of difficulties and challenges they face.

“Instead of one bread, we should take half breads and allocate the money of half bread to education,” she believed.

Eid Mohammad Alamizada, the director provincial Education Department broadcasting, said individuals who devote their life for the service of education and development, were fully supported and credited by the education department.

He acknowledged that Fatemah really worked hard in her teaching profession and development of education.

Nadir Seerat, a civil society activist, said that over the year Fatema worked hard for the educational development of children in Daikunid.

He said a large number of her students received high education credentials now.

Qudratullah Mosavi, another civil society activist, said that Fatemah Hashami served most part of his life in the education of children.

He added that Daikandi is facing many deprivations in all sectors, but the good thing was that there are people who have worked for many years to address the education challenge and were still trying.

Daikdundi residents believed that people should strive to get education in every circumstance.

Alam Gul, a local resident, said individuals who served the people for years deserved appreciation and admiration.

Raza Qambari, another Daikundi resident, said education was compulsory on men and women and people themselves must strive to create opportunity for learning in every circumstance.


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