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Curbs on women education, work: Zuhal’s resolve unshaken

Curbs on women education, work: Zuhal’s resolve unshaken

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4 Apr 2023 - 16:18
Curbs on women education, work: Zuhal’s resolve unshaken
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4 Apr 2023 - 16:18

KABUL (Pajhwok): A medicine faculty student who organized a study plan for herself and teaches around 200 students English Language online asked the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ (IEA) to reopen the doors of schools and universities on girls and women.

Zuhal Hakimi is the last semester student of Kabul Medicine University and before the closure of girls’ universities and schools she taught English Language at Katib University and Muslim English Language Institute.

In her school, she remained the class topper and best student though out and after hard work in 2016 she managed to pass Kankor test and find her way to the Medicine Faculty of Kabul University.

Apart from her university studies she was interested in activities outside university. She participated in the youth capacity building programme and around two years ago her team got third position in the first rank of students Nobel Prize Programme which is called Holt Prize.

After the closure of schools and universities on women she was disappointed and remained depressed she was even unable to justify her existence but one day she decided and said: “Zuhal this will not continue in this way if there are 10 problems there will be five opportunities. If the doors of universities are closed the doors of education are opened, if teachers are not available in person but there are materials in the internet available.”

She decided to get full use of available resources in the house and converted her own room in to study room and started preparation for TOFEL exam. She said: “I looked upon opportunities and ignored challenges, successful person is the one who convert challenges into opportunities.”

After few days when she managed to concentrate on herself she decided to work for others as well. She already had experience in English Language teaching so she started teaching online English Language to 200 girls through the platform of Jawana Foundation which was formed in late 2022.

Nelofar Sediqi, a teacher of the Kabul University and founder of Jawana Foundation, the foundation was formed after curbs on women movement and education were imposed.

Amid at support to Afghan girls the foundation offered online coursed in computer programming, English language, article writing and analytical issues.

She said the foundation was administered by a group of girls. Referring to Zuhal Hakimi’s efforts she said Zuhal’s commitment and interest led improvement in the teaching and had positive impact on students.

Sahar Mohammadi, one of the Kabul University’s graduates who learn English Language from Zuhal, said with the efforts of her teachers she managed to learn English.

She thanked the Jawana Foundation for facilitating online education programmes for girls and hoped the institution will provide more educational programmes.

Zuhal’s friend and classmate Foreshta Rustami said Zhual was a kind, intelligent and education girls, she always strived to facilitate others.

Uneducated woman form uneducated society

Zuhal who has her own study programme said it never meant that she ignored university adding that she always recalled the memories of university and time she spent there.

Disappointed Zuhal who’s faced red her disappointment, said from the past one and a half year universities remained closed on girls and the Exist Test which is must for medical students was not taken from girl students as well.

Referring to Islamic orders and Afghan culture she said one Afghan will allow a male doctor to examine his sister, wife or daughter so how it would be possible that besides ban of women education female doctors would be produced in the society.

She said if ban on women education continue in the future there would be no female doctor in the country.

She stressed curbs on women meant curbs on society and undedicated woman generate uneducated society.

Besides all odds, she asked the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ (IEA) to reopen the doors of schools and universities on girls and women.

This comes that after 562 days schools above grade sixth are closed on women. Last year, women were also barred from attending universities till the next order and ban was imposed on women work in foreign organisations in the country.

This comes that the IEA often renewed its commitment to women rights and their rights to education in the frame work of Islamic Sharia Law.


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