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Free education centre opened in Kabul’s Bagrami district

6 Jun 2023 - 16:35
6 Jun 2023 - 16:35

KABUL (Pajhwok):  Wazir Khan, the resident of Bagrami district in capital Kabul has opened a free of cost education centre for children.

The education centre is exactly situated in the Fataihkehlo locality and according to Wazir Khan the children of the locality had no access to schools.

Wazir Khan said, he offers free education just because the school is situated far away from their village and the students could not walk the distance.

Wazir Khan said, that he created this education center where children around 7 to 13 years of ages have got the opportunity to have access to free education, 68 of the students are girls and 94 are boys.

Wazir Khan added: “In the past 20 years, no effective work has been done to promote education, all the girls and boys of this village are left uneducated so I started the series of free education for them in Fatehkhelo area ‘Manji Dag’. There are three other centers as well where some other teachers teach children voluntarily.

The teachers of the other three education centers also go to the villages once a week and give the villagers awareness about the importance of education.

He said: “That is correct that the schools have well organized educational systems, my goal is to make the children ready for such program and to make them familiar with reading and writing before they attend their education at schools.”

Wazir Khan urged the authorities of the government of Islamic Emirate (IE) and other humanitarian institutions to build schools in this area where the children could regularity attend their education.

The residents of this area also praised the efforts of Wazir Gull and ask the government to help him.

Malik Mullah Janat Gull, a resident of Etifaq village told Pajhwok Afghan News: “It is important for everyone to obtain both religious and scientific educations, so our children must come out of the darkness of ignorance and the residents of this area are very poor, they cannot afford to pay fees for education. We ask the authorities of IEA and international community to build schools in our area”.

We have raised our voices for assistance several times during the past decade to the officials of previous and the current government of IE and to other humanitarian institutions but until now, we did not get any positive answer, he said.

Mohammad Nadir, another resident of this area said: “We hope that every boy and girl will obtain knowledge and they become doctors, teachers and serve this country in the future”.

He said: “There are only two government schools in Zafran and Kochinai Ghundai villages, as these villages are far away from our village, the children of this village cannot take an hour trip to those villages”.

The students of this educational center are also happy about this program.

Maryam, 9 said, that she has been enrolled in this center since three months and she learns Dari, English, Pashto and Religious subjects.

Maryam also asked the government to establish a school for them to follow up their studies.

Maulavi Hazrat Bilal Hanafi, the director of Bagramio districts’ education department said that he is not aware of Wazir Khan educational center but added, the residents of this district need 12 more schools.

According to Hanafi, there are 33 high schools, 8 middle schools and 29 primary schools in Bagramio district, while the schools of Shamali Khan, Zafran, Habib Khan, Maulavi Shahid Abdullah, Wali Khel and Wali Khan Karokhel operate in Manji Dag area.

He said, the Ministry of Education did not approve the upgraded formation of Bagramio district since seven years.

Hanafi, pointing to the statements of the residents of Etifaq area and said: “If the residents of any villages have any problem, they must apply to the Ministry of Education, after the ministry’s guidance to the planning department, the letter is sent to our office and we share our opinion about it and sent it back to the ministry for final approval”.

The Ministry of Education has already approved some new positions, the residents of this area must follow the approval of new school in the ministry.


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