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Govt urged to allow women, girls visit entertainment places

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some people and owners of the entertainment places have asked the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ (IEA) to allow women and girls to go to entertainment places in compliance with Hijab and Islamic Sharia principles.

Earlier, the IEA allowed women and girls to go to entertainment places three days in a week but last year in November women were totally banned from going to parks and other outdoor places of entertainment.

Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice then said that women and girls were banned from parks because Islamic Sharia laws and Hijab was violated.

Syed Hamid Qureshi, who came to Qargha Dam alongside his friends, told Pajhwok Afghan News that he and his friends came here to get fresh air and relax.

Referring to the need of human being for refreshment, he said women remained inside the house most of the time, they are also human being and have their rights.

He asked the IEA to allow women to go to parks and entertainment places. in the framework of Islamic Sharia Law.

Nilofar, who alongside her friend came to Qargha Park for sightseeing, said she got bored at home and wanted to go out but they are not allowed to enter the Qargha Park.

She said women rights are frozen, first they were stopped from going to school and not they doors of parks and entertainment places are shut on them.

She also asked the acting government to allow women to go to school, university and places of entertainment.

Meanwhile, the owners of parks and entertainment places said their customers especially families stopped visiting entertainment places after ban on women and girls. He asked the government to allow women and girls to go to entertainment places.

Eng. Abdul Qadir Zafari, managing director of Bagh-e-Baburl, said after the takeover of the IEA there specific days in which families and women could visit the park but from the past nearly one year females are not allowed to come to Bagh-e-Babur.

He said in the past daily up to 3,000 people visited the park but after the takeover of the IEA and ban on women up to 500 people visit the park.

He asked the government to allow women and girls to visit parks in the framework of Sharia Law.

Tela Mohammad Nazari, head of the Spogmai Hotel and Qargha Dam, said separate places had been made for women and families in the park.

Fahim, one of the visitors from Faryab province, said Bagh-e-Babur was the first place he visited. Referring to the greenery and cleanliness in the Park he asked people to ensure cleanliness in the places of entertainment.

Sifatullah, who came to visit Bagh-e-Babur from Zabul province asked people and the IEA government to pay special attention to the maintenance and hygiene issues at the entertainment places.

Relevant authorities could not be reached for comment.


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