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Parwan factory Increases number of women workers, export to Russia

7 Jan 2024 - 20:49
7 Jan 2024 - 20:49

CHARIKAR (Pajhwok): Raisin’s export of the Parwan Raisin Production Factory to Russian has doubled and the number of its women workers increased to 78, according to the factory chief on Sunday.

Women workers of the factory are happy that they have an opportunity to work.

According to a local official, after the takeover of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) 15 industries had resumed operation in Parwan province and efforts were underway for the further development of the industrial and commerce sectors.

Ali Jan, head of the Parwan Raisin Producing Factory,  told Pajhwok Afghan News, 15 female and 45 male employees worked in that company during the past government while the number of female employees increased to 80 and there are 20 more male employees now.

Referring to the increase of employees in the factory, he said: “The fact that security situation had improved now comparing to the past and this left positive impact on our work so we increased the number of workers.”

He said two tonnes of raisin processed in the factory on daily basis during the past government but now four tonnes of raisins processed daily.

He added every female employee is paid 200 afs daily while the male ones get 250 afs in each day.

Ali Jan said we purchased raisins from Kandahar, Kabul, Parwan and Ghazni provinces and process it here and then export 60 tonnes of raisin to Russia every month, an amount higher in two folds from the past.

Factory workers are thrilled for having work opportunity. Samira, one of the workers and the resident of Charikar city, said this factory was a suitable place for females to work.

Samira said: “Women working here are single, some are married but they have no job, some don’t have brothers and have to work, now that they have an opportunity to work they are very happy, they support their families themselves.”

Samira said, she was first year student of social sciences faculty, as the universities were shut until a further order of the government; she wanted to work to address the economic problems of her family so she began to work.

Samira asked the acting government to reopen the doors of universities and schools for female students and make a favorable working environment for women.

Shafiqa is another worker in the factory; she is widow and bears the responsibility of her five years old child on her shoulders.

Shafiqa has been employed in this company from the past six months, she said: “My husband passed away during covid-19 pandemic, his brother helped me for two years, but as they also became jobless I had no other option than to work here, I am paid 200 afs which covers a part of my daily expenses.”

Mohammad Jaber is another worker of this company and he is from Abdi Bai area of Parwan’s capital. He said he worked as a driver during the previous government but has switched to working in raisin processing company since one and half year and is happy for making an income for his family.”

Qari Raz Mommad Yaser, provincial Industry and Commerce department chief,said that there have been some positive developments in various sectors after the takeover by the the IEA.

Referring to the improvements, he said 15 production companies that had stopped operating in this province had resumed operation.

He said total 35 companies were registered with the Industry and Commerce department while only 25 of them were functioning and there were over one thousand workers employed in these factories.

He said the industry and commerce department has more plans for launching domestic and international exhibitions, to encourage investors to establish more manufacturing companies for the growth of production and to create a working environment for people in this province.

He added, additional to the supervision on these companies, the industry and commerce department has more plans for the growth of industrial sector.


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