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Badakhshan poppy eradication drive underway strictly: Officials

Badakhshan poppy eradication drive underway strictly: Officials

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15 May 2024 - 16:46
Badakhshan poppy eradication drive underway strictly: Officials
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15 May 2024 - 16:46

FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): The problem that emerged during the poppy crop’s eradication in the Argo district of northeastern Badakhshan province has been fully addressed and the campaign was underway widely and strictly in the provincial capital and districts, an official said on Wednesday.

Deputy Governor Qari Aminullah Tayeib and Maulvi Mahboobullah Hamid, chief of staff of the 219 Umar Salais Corps visited the Barlas Shumar village in Argo district, where the residents staged a protest against security forces and witnessed the poppy eradication campaign.

Qari Tayeib told reporters about 20,000 acres of poppy fields were destroyed in Kisham, Tushkan, Argo, Draem, Yaftal, Jurm, Khash and Shahr-i-Bozurg districts and the operation was still remained in force.

Deputy Governor and the head of the Poppy Cultivation Eradication Committee directed the counter narcotics forces to carry out their anti-narcotics operations extensively because the stance of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) was firm regarding the eradication of poppy fields and anyone who attempts to grow this crop, his farm would be destroyed.

The current poppy eradication operation in Argo and Draem was led by Deputy Commander of Omar Salis corps, who said currently there were over 1,000 army and police personnel who were carrying out the poppy eradication operations in Argo, Draem and some other districts of Badakhshan.

There had been some a misunderstanding between the government and local residents but later on the problems were solved and the poppy eradication operation was in progress, Hamid said.

Abdul Shakor, a resident of Barlas Shumar village of Argo district said: “There are no problems between us and the security forces about the eradication of poppy, but a number of opportunists who wanted stage protests among the people were prevented and now the situation is normal.”

Another resident Shafiqurrahman Qarizada said the residents of this district turned to the cultivation of poppy because of unemployment, the desired employment opportunities from the IEA and alternative crops for the poppy.

He urged the government to implement more public welfare and infrastructure project in the area to prevent the youth from illegal migration to other countries.

In response to the poppy eradication the local residents Argo district staged protest two days ago which then led to a clash between security forces and protestors.

Earlier (on May 20) a number of farmers of Draem and Argo districts protested against the poppy eradication campaign which led to the killing of two protestors.

To investigate the issue, the IEA directed chief of army staff Qari Fasihuddin Fitrat to go to Badakhshan and report to the office of Prime Minister about the issue.

During to his visit to Badakhshan, Fitrat emphasized that the protests of some farmers cannot disrupt the operation of destroying poppy fields and this process will last until poppy cultivation is reduced to zero in all provinces of the country.


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