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Can work for country’s progress if supported: Deaf students

FIROZKOH (Pajhwok): A number of deaf students in western Ghor province say that disability is not a limitation and they have the ability to acquire better knowledge and the government should implement special programs for improvement of deaf students’ talents.

The deaf people, who are currently studying at a special school for the deaf in Ghor, exhibited dozens of their scientific, tailoring, painting and handicraft works at a science and handicrafts exhibition in the province on Wednesday.

In the exhibition, which was organized by the Department of Martyrs and Disabled in coordination with the Global Partners Institute and Education Department of Ghor province in the capital of the province, was also participated by 26 deaf students.

The display included dozens of science, tailoring, painting and handicrafts work of students.

Disability is not inability: Deaf people

Mohammad Amin is one of these deaf students in Ghor who dreams of becoming a photographer and a journalist.

He said that he displayed 11 of his photographs from different parts of Firozkoh city and other historical places in the exhibition.

Speaking in sign language, Amin was interpreted by his teacher as saying, “I am very happy today, because this is the first time we are showing our achievements and the officials are seeing them. I took 11 photographs from historical castle of Sahak and city and displayed here, I hope that I will become a good photographer and journalist in sign language in the future.”

He said that they received vocational training at the special school for the deaf in Ghor and they were able get education of literacy and resolve their problems in the city in the last 10 years of education.

He added that disability has never been a limit for him and he has never felt weak.

Amin asked the government to provide better educational opportunities for the disabled, especially the deaf, he believed that there were good talents among the disabled people.

“If we are taken care of and supported, we will work hard for the development of our Afghanistan,” he said.

Meanwhile, MahtabDelir is another student of the school for deaf in Ghor who has great skills in the art of drawing and can draw any image in a short time.

Mahtab, who displayed her painting at the exhibition said, “Today, I really feel good that the officials came to see the portraits that I painted.”

She has exhibited paintings such as Jam Ghor minaret, poverty, Herat Palace, Sultan Razia and Sultan Alauddin Ghori and others.

Amin, Mahtab and other students at the school for deaf called on Afghan and international authorities to support their school so it would help them get educated at a higher level and serve their community and country.

“We, the deaf, want to progress like any other human being and play an active role in the development of Afghanistan,” Mahtab said.

Exhibitors praised the work of the deaf

FaridSoltani, in charge of Global Partners Institute in Ghor, one of the organizers of the exhibition, said, “Global Partners has been active in the province since 2005 in various sectors. Since 2013, the organization has active in social activities and assisting the needy. It also opened a special school for the deaf where it provided professional education to deaf people including children.”

He also called on government officials to support the school for the deaf in Ghor and register it with the Ministry of Education, so that students after graduation would have legal certificates.

Abdul Qayom Behbodi, head of Association of People with Disabilities in Ghor, who visited the exhibition, told Pajhwok that disability is not inability and that the government should provide jobs and education to the disabled people.

“Today, I am happy to participate in an event where people with disabilities show their achievements and abilities, and it is clear that people with disabilities does not mean their inability and they can have great achievements, we call on the government to support people with disabilities and provide them with education facilities,” he said.

Officials pledge to support deaf people

Gul Ahmad Mutawakel, director of Ghor Martyrs and Disabled Department, who spoke at the event, said they had allocated a number of room at the Martyrs and Disabled Department to the deaf people due to lack of facilities for the disabled people in the province.

He asked aid organizations to support the school of deaf in Ghor so it would help the disabled people to have more progress.

Meanwhile, Mualvi Ahmad Shah Dindost, Ghor governor, praised the work of the deaf students and promised not to hesitate from supporting the school for the deaf.


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