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Disability shatters Bahadur’s dream to become doctor

29 Jan 2023 - 17:46
29 Jan 2023 - 17:46

TALOQAN (Pajhwok): Disabled Bahadur who wanted to become a doctor had failed to realize his dream due to recent conflict and he currently lives the life of a disabled person.

In Afghanistan, every family has the story of having fallen victim to the conflict and Bahadur is one of them who recently hurt in a mortar shell fire that landed at his house.

He lost his sister in the incident, his mother was injured and Bahadur lost his two legs.

Bahadur said: “It was a summer day nearly two years ago, the intensity of the war flared up between the conflicting parties in Cheshma Shir area of Taloqan, where my family and I lived, and suddenly a mortar shell hit our residential house, as a result one of my sisters died, my mother was seriously injured and I was also injured in my leg area, but I did not think that both of my legs would be amputated. When I was transferred to the provincial hospital, I realized that the doctors did not have a cure for my leg wounds except It had to be discontinued. Later, after a few hours of unconsciousness, I woke up to find that I had lost my legs and that I was crippled in bed.”

Bahadur complained against the deteriorated financial situation of his family and said: “We are eight people in the house, my father is old and cannot work and provide support, my mother is not in a good condition after she got injured, I have no option but to provide support to my family by asking for help from people, on odd days I manage to work and arrange some livelihood for my family, but some days I return home empty-hand.”

Bahadur who suffered from war in his teenage hopes for durable peace and stability in the country and wished that there would be no conflict in the future.

Kolsum, Bahadur’s mother during a telephonic conversation, told Pajhwok Afghan News that two year ago a mortar shell hit their house in which her daughter died, she was injured and Bahadur was disabled after suffering wounds in his legs.

“I was wounded myself and our courtyard was completely destroyed, I was in the hospital with my sons, and with the support of outsiders, my other children were rescued from the smoke and debris.”

She acknowledge that her eight member family was provided support by outsider organization but stressed the current government should rehabilitate her courtyard that was destroyed by mortar shell.

She said her husband suffered from legs and eyes in the incident and lost the ability to work.

She deplored Bahadur will no more be able to get education adding that currently he was transferred to another place where he was enrolled in the school.

She demanded support from aid providing organization and stressed she will do all she could to realize the dreams of Bahadur.

Bahadur is not the only victim of the recent wars in Takhar, but like him, thousands of other people have also been victims of war in Takhar province and now they are asking the government for support.


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