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Badakhshan female students urge reopening of schools

Badakhshan female students urge reopening of schools

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1 Mar 2023 - 19:12
Badakhshan female students urge reopening of schools
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1 Mar 2023 - 19:12

FAIZABAD (Pajhwok): Wasina, 16, from northeastern Badakhshan province has demanded the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ (IEA) leadership to reopen the doors of schools in the new education year on girls in the country.

Wasina, remained first position holder excessively from class one to 10th and she also memorized the holy Quran.

After the closure of schools Wasina recites the holy Quran in during Fateha and Khatmi-Quran gatherings, she asked the authorities to reopen girls’ schools in the coming educational year.

Before the closure of girls school, Wasina was the student of class 10th in the Girls High School of Guram district, she is concerned at the closure of girls but at the same time confident that a day will come that girls’ schools would be reopened.

She considered reading and writing the most important blessing of Allah after the creation of human being and added. “When girls’ schools were blocked, I did fruitful work and did not want to allow such a situation to hinder the progress of girls.”

She was sitting at the corner of a room and busy in resolving math’s problems, said: “I hope in God, just as peace was secured in our country, the day will surely come when our schools will be opened and we girls will be allowed to study and study like other girls in Islamic countries.”

Wasina said: “After graduating from high school, I wanted to complete my studies in the field of medicine in one of the government universities to serve the women of my country and region who have felt the suffering and problems for decades, and I hope that this dream will come true, the officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan should not take away the right of education from girls and women.”

She said: “The Islamic Emirate shall open the doors of schools keeping in mind the observance of hijab and Islamic values and Sharia laws, so that we can be useful for the, society and people in the future and be a healer for the 43-year-old wounds of our war-torn country.”

Referring to the uniform of girls’ students, she said: “During the Republic regime our uniform consisted of white shall and black dress, no girl was allowed to violate Hijab in case she was not allowed in the school.”

This is not only Wesina, but Zulaikha is another student from Faizabad who wanted the IEA government to reopen girls’ schools in the coming educational year.

She is the student of class 11th in one of the Faizabad’s high schools and said: “From class one to 12th I held first position and I swear that I will become a doctor and continue holding the first position in the university as well and serve the masses in the future.”

She also asked the leadership of the IEA to reopen girls’ schools and universities in the coming educational year.

Husna, 26, a social affairs expert, said getting education was compulsory on men and women adding that educated women will bring up educated and decent generation to the society.

She said the closure of girls schools and universities could not be justified, adding the move would not be beneficial but it halt the progress of the country and spread psychological illnesses among girls who had to stay home after the close of schools and universities.

She believed: “Educating the new generation, especially girls, in modern sciences and techniques, not only promotes the development of the society and eradicate the need for dependence on the outside world, but also strengthens national and Islamic values.”

She said in most parts of the country still some people existed who did not want to take their female patients to male doctor for medical checkup due to traditional norms and customs and this practice often resulted in the loss of lives.

Naseer Ahmad Tabish, another social affairs expert, said: “Keeping the gates of education closed will have a negative effect on the cultural, educational, infrastructure and economic sectors, and I wish that the gates of schools and schools will be opened for boys and girls.”

For more than a year, school gates have been closed to students, which on the one hand had caused serious psychological damage to those who are looking for education, and on the other hand it could significantly reduce the number of female professionals in the health, educational, and other social sectors of the society, which will be difficult to compensate for in the future.

He added like other members of the society, girls also have high aspirations to go to school, university and have a higher education and to serve the backward society of Afghanistan to the best of their ability, and if the situation continues like this, in less than 20 years Health and education sectors will suffer serious losses.

Mohammad Nader Nadari, deputy head of the Education Department, said no order had been received by them from higher authorities regarding the reopening of girls schools, adding that they will have no issue with the reopening of girls schools when they received the orders.


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