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Parents call for reopening of girls’ schools, universities

5 Mar 2023 - 18:35
5 Mar 2023 - 18:35

FEROZKOH (Pajhwok): Some families in western Ghor province have said psychological illness among their daughters were on the raise due to the closure of schools and asked the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ (IEA) government to reopen schools above class six in the new educational year.

It is pertinent to mention that after the takeover of the IEA, girls’ schools above class sixth are closed. The acting IEA government also barred girls from going to universities and work last year.

According to government officials the ban on girls’ education was temporary and they would be allowed to attend universities and schools when a proper a suitable environment is arranged.

The continued closure of schools created concerns among the family members of girls’ students who often asked the government to put an end to their concerns and reopened schools for girls above class sixth.

Our children suffer psychological problems: Parents

Jamaluddin, the resident of Ferozkoh City, the provincial capital of Ghor, said her daughter was the student of class eight and remained the topper of her class straight for eight years; she always strived to remain the topper of her class.

He said her daughter is clever and hardworking but after the closure of schools she remained depressed and most of the time she cry and often ask every member of the family about the reopening of schools in the new education year.

He said after the closure of schools he admitted his daughter to madrassa but she still feel depressed and her problem was growing each day.

“My and other parents demand from the IEA is to reopen girls schools and universities and allow them to attend educational institutions in the new educational year. The continued closure of schools and universities caused psychological illnesses among girls,” he said.

Eidmah, the mother of another school student, registered similar complain and added the closure of schools forced girls to remain isolated in the home and spent their time in depression and anger.

She said her daughter memorized the holy Quran, she went to madrassa along with her school for six years and memorized the Holy Quran.

She was worried regarding the health of her daughter and added: “If school remained shut in the coming educational year, the health of my daughter may deteriorate; I don’t know what to do.”

She also urged the acting IEA government to reopen girls’ schools and universities.

Hope for reopening of schools in this educational year: Girls

Razia Ameeri, the student of class 10th at the Sultan Razia Ghori High School, said she wished to become a doctor but due to the restrictions imposed by the IEA government on girls education she may not be able to achieve her dream.

She said with the passing of each day, she was getting more stressed and few days back her parents took her to the doctor and currently she received medical treatment.

“Schools closure left negative impact on my psychological condition I have no patience and feel being under pressure. I don’t like anything; my family had to take me to the doctor.”

“When our schools were open, I was busy in my studies and hoped to become a doctor but now I don’t know if I would be able to get to my dreams or not,” she questioned.

She hoped that the doors of schools and universities will be opened for all girls in the new educational year.

Leeda is another student who waits every moment for the reopening of schools. She said the news regarding the reopening of schools would be the best she ever hears in her life.

She is the student of class 10th in the Sultan Razia Ghori High School, referred to her books in the shelf and said: “You will not believe, I could not control my tears when I look at my books in the past two years. Why an Afghan girl should not go to school? What is our sine?” she questioned.

Leeda was psychologically not well and said: “Since the doors of schools had been closed my family decided about my engagement but I want to study and be an educated girl but my family decision and the closure of school will not allow me to achieve my dream.”

Leeda said she often decided to commit suicide but since suicide is not permitted in Islam so she decided against it.

She also demanded the reopening of girls schools in the new educational year and said: “I hope, I would get to my dreams in the new educational year and I hope this year will mark the reopening of girls educational institutions.”

Expert view

Dr. Abdul Ahad Noori, a psychologist in Ghor, said the continued closure of girls schools left negative impact on the psychological condition of some girls and affected them badly.

“Daily up to 25 girls, women, men and children suffering from psychological problems referred to our clinic and most psychological problems could not be treated with medicines. These types of patients could be treated with advices and changing their thinking.”

He acknowledged among his patients some are girls who suffered psychological problems due to the closure of schools.

He urged parents to engage their daughters in some mental, entertainment and other activities to address their psychological problems. He also asked the IEA government to reopen girls’ schools.

Pajhwok reporter in Ghor strived to reach to relevant officials and seek their comment regarding the reopening of schools in the coming educational year but she was not able to get officials comment on the topic.


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