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Religious ceremonies should be free of fallacies

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Governor of Kabul Province Shaikh Mohammad Khalid has said that the people of Afghanistan should not follow the footprints of others in their religious, social and cultural affairs stressing that others should follow what the people of Afghanistan do.

Addressing a commemoration gathering marking the 10th of Moharramulharam he said ulema and religious leaders should promote nationality unity during the events marking the historic Islamic day.

He said: “In religious matters we follow the prophet (PBUH), his companions, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Hussain and Mojtahidin, but in social and political matters Afghanistan is an independent country, we will never follow the footprints of others but others should follow us.”

“We commemorate two special days in a year religiously one the day of the prophet (PBUH) demise and another is the 10th of Moharramulharam, our commemoration of these events should be like worship free of misconceptions and fallacy practices, strange things that are not in the religion should be avoided, we don’t allow activities on this day which are against the religious teaching.”

Niamatullah Ghafari, head of the Afghanistan’s Shia Ulema, said 10th of Muharramulharam was celebrated to show solidarity with the prophet and his family, the purpose behind these celebrations was to promote brotherhood among Muslims.

“The enemies of Afghanistan want to create difference and enmity among the people of Afghanistan, every event which is celebrated should be used for promoting brotherhood and friendship.”


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