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Constitutions, political strategy vital for earning legitimacy: Zaeef

Constitutions, political strategy vital for earning legitimacy: Zaeef

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10 May 2024 - 10:51
Constitutions, political strategy vital for earning legitimacy: Zaeef
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10 May 2024 - 10:51

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Former Ambassador to Pakistan Mullah Abdul Salaam Zaeef said that Afghanistan has come out of international isolation and constitution and the formation of a political strategy could help towards the government’s legitimacy.

The formation of a political strategy could be effective for earning legitimacy, Zaeef told Pajhwok Afghan News in an inclusive interview.

The former IEA envoy who suffered humiliation and disgrace and was handed over to Americans by the Pakistani military government in 2001 said political strategy set the political vision and defined the pace of relationships with neighbours and the world.

“Another topic is the constitution, as an Afghan I support constitutions because when someone wants to engage with us wants to see the laws on the basis of which he could align himself, Constitutions guarantee my life, wealth, diplomatic presence and assets so it should exist in Afghanistan based on Quran and Hanafi Fiqh, it should be inclusive which could define the future of my country and its people and also clearly state the terms of engagement.”

He suggested that the government should open strategic communication centers in order to get closer to the official recognition stage.

This could help change the wrong impression of the international community and IEA would get closer to the recognition point.

Mullah Zaeef said now, the absence of wars in the country, the central integrated IEA rule, a ban on poppy cultivation, proper border relations with neighbors, trade and mining are issues and positive actions on which the international community could be convinced.

He said IEA for the second time came to power in Afghanistan at a time when the world and those who prevented the official recognition were involved in the war, the interpretation of the dreams they saw were proved wrong, It is not easy for them to choose a policy  against the current Afghan government which is based on facts.

“They introduced Talib as terrorist, tyrant, Taliban is introduced as someone who is dangerous and they did so to get public support against Talib,” the former envoy said.

He said it was not the IEA responsibility to prove their negative propaganda wrong and informed people from realities and this needed cultural activities.

Referring to the current situation of Afghanistan, he said Afghanistan was currently not in isolation and Kabul has active political relationships with a number of countries.

According to Zaeef, Afghanistan currently has diplomatic relationships with 35 countries, some diplomats are formally and informally introduced and there is a green light that the international community wanted to engage with Afghanistan.

He termed public support and cooperation with the government vital and said the government should take more steps in this regard.

Referring to the human rights issue, he slammed the international community for discriminatory behavior with the IEA.

He said: “If the world truly desired human rights not violated, It would have stopped Israel and America war against Palestine, Human rights, women’s rights, children’s rights, these are all tools that the world wanted to use as a means of pressure in other countries that do not want them to be stable.”

He said that currently human rights are not violated in Afghanistan and the claims of human rights watchdogs were false.

He also referred to the latest position of the Islamic Emirate regarding the political parties in Afghanistan and said that political parties, organizations and other groups in Afghanistan have not done anything except the creation of political conflicts and suggested a strong government in Afghanistan to last for 15 years.

On girls’ education, Zaeef said he gave his advice to the government earlier as well and added the girls’ education issue was not related to the international community but was Afghanistan’s issue.

He said: “The nation wants their sons and daughters to study in an Islamic environment and the government should facilitate this because it could ensure the stability of the system and hoped that IEA will positively respond this public demand.”

He suggested to the IEA to halt the environment of optimism with Pakistan and added the government should prepare for any kind of threat from Pakistan.

“There is a need for a special strategy on engagement with Pakistan, because in contemporary politics relationships are based on mutual trust, they should define all lines what are they doing and what should be done,” he said.

Referring to the past government, he said the Republic Regime was wrongly interpreted and it was installed in Afghanistan on the back of occupation.

He said currently he was not engaged with politicians and there were no political activities, adding that the people of Afghanistan should consider the current situation as an opportunity for them and join hands with the government for survival of government.


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