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Gas, fuel oil, gold, flour prices down in Kabul

1 Dec 2018 - 16:28
1 Dec 2018 - 16:28

KABUL (Pajhwok): The prices of liquefied gas, fuel oil, Russian gold, rice and flour have edged down the outgoing week in capital Kabul, market sources said Saturday.

According to DIALY FX, the price of one barrel of crude oil fell by an average rate from $79.2 to $55.75 or by 30 percent in the US and British fuel markets between early October this year and November 27.

Abdul Hadi, a worker at Wazirabad Fuel Station in Kabul, told Pajhwok Afghan News that changes in the oil prices in international markets had affected its rates in Kabul and the prices may further decline in the next few days.

He said that the price of one liter of diesel declined from 56 Afghanis to 53 Afghanis and the same amount of petrol from 57afs to 55afs.

Ahmad Javid, a liquefied gas seller in Taimani area of Kabul, said that the price of one kilogram of the commodity fallen from 65afs to 60afs this week.

Without providing more details, he said that the gas price was fallen in Kabul due to its price fall in Uzbekistan, from where the commodity is imported.

However, the firewood prices remain steady.

Khan Mohammad, a firewood seller in Charahi Shaheed area of Kabul said 560 kilograms of peeled oak cost 7,100afs and the same quantity of cedar 7,000afs, the same rates as last week’s.

Noor Ahmad Khairkhwa, a tea seller in Kabul Mandavi, said a kilogram of Indonesian green tea cost 280afs and the same amount of African black tea 300afs — same prices as last week’s.

In food items, the prices of flour and rice have decreased.

Food Traders Union head in Kabul, Fazal Rahman, said that the price of 50 kilograms of Kazakhstani flour decreased from 1,340afs to 1,320afs and 24 kilograms of Pakistani rice from 2,020afs to 2,000afs.

But he said that 49kg of Pakistani sugar cost 1,780afs and a tin of 16 liters of Khurshid cooking oil 1,000afs.

About the reason the rates of items imported from Pakistan would significantly fall,”

The price of one US dollar accounted for 142 Pakistani rupees today, a record slump in the Pakistani currency.

The Pakistani currency value also fallen against Afghani as 1,000 rupees accounted for 541 Afghanis. One US dollar was equal to 75.95 Afghanis today.

Last week, one US dollar was accounted for 76 Afghanis and 1,000 Pakistani rupees 557 Afghanis.

Ahmad Wali Panjsheri, who owns a grocery store in Dahn-i-Bagh area of Kabul, sold a 50-kg sack of Kazakhstani flour for 1,400afs, a 49-kg bag of sugar for 1,800afs, 24-kg of Pakistani rice 2,400afs a 16-litre tin of ghee for 1,100afs, one-kg of Indonesian green tea for 300afs and the same amount of black African tea for 350afs—higher than wholesale rates.

Haji Fawad Ahmad Salehzada, a jeweler in Timor Shahi area of Kabul, said the price of one gram of Russian gold dropped from 1,950afs to 1,900afs while the same quantity of Arabian variety stood at 2,400afs.



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