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Covid-19 patients must continue treatment after recovery

Covid-19 patients must continue treatment after recovery

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31 Aug 2021 - 16:51
Covid-19 patients must continue treatment after recovery
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31 Aug 2021 - 16:51

KABUL (Pajhwok): A health expert says Covid-19 can cause damage to the lungs and result into hair fall, bone loss and sperm loss so those who contract the disease should be treated continuously by their doctor.

Dr. Mohammad Nasir Jaleh, an internist, said: “Coronavirus is like a storm that destroys various parts of the body and leaves aftershocks.”

He said persistent cough, shortness of breath, anorexia, weakness, lethargy, pain in the limbs, loss of sense of smell, taste and depression were the common symptoms that could be seen in all infected individuals after recovery.

Lung damage, hair falls, loss of sperm, and bone destruction were seen in some people who needed to be retreated continuously after recovery, he remarked.

He urged the Covid patients to go to a health center and undergo general test after they had recovered from the disease.

Covid destroys the lungs, its treatment takes about a year

Dr. Jala said: “Many people who suffered from coronavirus have seen part of their lungs damaged, which takes four months to a year to recover.”

According to him, during this period, there is chest pain, persistent cough, and respiratory problems in the patients who have been diagnosed, and the patient should be treated by a doctor and be sure to take the necessary medication.

Hair fall should be taken seriously

Dr. Jala said that most of the coronavirus patients experienced hair loss, and even after they recovered the problem continued.

“Psychological distress caused by the disease, high fever and hair loss have been found in most people and these symptoms last for four to one year period,” he added.

He urged such people to take hair falls seriously and visit a doctor because if the necessary medicine was not taken, it could cause baldness.

Surviving individual should visit a doctor

According to Jala, 40 percent of coronavirus patients lost their sperm and even after their recovery, their sperm destroyed.

“After recovering, the coronavirus patient should visit a doctor and test his sperm and be treated, otherwise it will be sterile,” he added.

Coronavirus destroys some of the bones in the body

Dr. Jala said that if coronavirus infected individuals were very weak and have a calcium deficiency, some of their bones may be damaged, resulting in severe pain after they recovered from the disease.

He urged such patients to visit a physician if they experienced severe bone pain in various parts of their body.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, at least 153,260 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Afghanistan and 7,123 others have died, and more than 110,139 recovered.

More than 218 million people contracted the virus worldwide and more than 4.5 million died.


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