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Grader horn worth 1500afs purchased for 60,000afs

Grader horn worth 1500afs purchased for 60,000afs

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22 Sep 2021 - 09:22
Grader horn worth 1500afs purchased for 60,000afs
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22 Sep 2021 - 09:22

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Sar-i-Pul province Public Works Department has purchased one horn for a road grader at a cost of 60,000 afs while its market price is 1,500 afs, Pajhwok Afghan News has reliably learned.

According to documents, 90 spare parts were purchased back in 2020 by the Public Works Department for the rehabilitation of some vehicles.

These items purchased at a cost of 3.2 million afs but according to Pajhwok analysis the collective market price of these items accounted for around two million afs.

The document showed that one compression horn of a grader was purchased for 60,000 afs while in the market the same item is available for 1,500 afs.

In addition, a box of brakes paddles purchased for 18,000 afs while the market price of the same commodity is 3,500 afs.

One blubbering of Super Maz wheel is accounted for 24,000 afs while in the market it is accounted for 1,500 afs.

Of the 90 items Pajhwok searched for 29 items and checked their prices in the market and found a huge difference.

Market Price Public Works Dept Price Item Quantity No
13300 30000 Kamaz Reversal 1 item 1
5000 15000 Kamaz Tanker Air Distributer 1 item 2
7600 30000 Super Maztierod 1 set 3
1500 24000 Super Maz Wheels Belaboring 1 item 4
12500 35000 CrazDamtrak Air Machine 1 set 5
3500 15000 CrazDamtrak wheel jug 1 set 6
3500 18000                 CrazDamtrak Breaks 1 item 7
9000 30000 Damtrak Steering Pump 1 item 8
2900 15000 Super Maz Seal Washer 1 set 9
6600 20000 Pump and Washers       Super Maz Section 1 set 10
2700 4167 Super Maz Body Support 1 item 11
3200 8000 Super Maz Accelerator Rod 1 item 12
15000 25000 Lubed Kamaz Air Machine 1 item 13
3200 30000 Lubed KomazTierod 1 set 14
29000 35000 Lubed Komaz Paestum Glass 1 set 15
8000 30000 Lubed Komaz Ring 1 set 16
1600 8000 Lubed Kamaz Break Lader 1 item 17
130 5000 Lubed Kamaz wheels Pacing 1 item 18
1400 5000 Kamaz Wheels Belaboring 1 item 19
1800 5000 LubetKamazKilometre Rod 1 item 20
1500 60000 Japanese Grader Compression horn 1 set 21
30000 40000 Chinese loader Salve 1 item 22
2100 8000 Front Robar support 1 set 23
600 2000 Kamaz Tanker back mirror 1 item 24
6500 15000 Kamaz Tanker 2-inch Walf 1 item 25
2200 5000 Kamaz Tanker Water Tanker 1 item 26
7000 10000 Super Kamaz Clutch 1 item 27
3500 6000 Damtrak Body Pin 1 item 28



These products were bought in 2020 by the Public Works Department of Sar-i-Pul province through SakhiZahirzada Company for road maintenance branch of the department based on a contract.

At the end of the list of the products, there are signatures of Sar-i-Pul Public Works director, Eng. Hashmatullah, the department’s accountant, SayedEssa and finance manager, Saboor Khan Popal.

An officer of Public Works Department of Sar-i-Pul, who wished to go unnamed, told Pajhwok Afghan News that the vehicles repairing contract was made with SakhiZahirzada Company.

He said that the company purchased the items during the first wave of coronavirus.

“The director and finance manager of the department told drivers that they should quarantine at home due to coronavirus, and their attendance would be counted as present by the HR office of the department,” the officer said.

“They used this opportunity and brought some mechanics who made some repairing in the vehicles before the department requested drivers to attend their duties, some drivers who understood the trick were given money to keep silence,” the source said.

The officer said that money had been embezzled under the name of car repairing and then it was distributed among the Public Works Department head, finance manager and head of the company.

“The items in the list are purchased at much higher rate compared to their rates in the market, it is unjust,” the source added.

Pajhwok tried to talk with drivers, company officials, HR and finance manager, but no one was ready due to their fear from Public Works Department’s director.

Former Sar-i-Pul Public Works Department director, Eng. Hashmatullah told Pajhwok that he would collect information on the matter and would then share it with Pajhwok.

However, he did not talk with Pajhwok on the issue despite several days passed from his promise and he had turned off his phone number.

After the Taliban took control of the country, many former officials of the government fled abroad and many others turned off their phones.

This report has been produced by Pajhwok and financially supported by UNDP and Denmark.


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