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Garlic efficacy in treating Covid not yet proven: Experts

Garlic efficacy in treating Covid not yet proven: Experts

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26 Feb 2022 - 15:04
Garlic efficacy in treating Covid not yet proven: Experts
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26 Feb 2022 - 15:04

KABUL (Pajhwok): Health experts reject social media claims that garlic is effective in treating the coronavirus, with some saying that false claims have created misperceptions among the masses.

Experts say it has not been proven yet scientifically that garlic is effective against the deadly virus.

Garlic as Covid treatment: Iran’s Sena New Agency has published information titled ‘Garlic extract properties treat Covid-19’. It argued: “Garlic extract is a rich antivirus source that helps prevent Covi-19 effects on the human body.”

Similar studies have been conducted in the United Kingdom and China regarding the effectiveness of garlic in treating the disease.

Malika Mahdavi, a social media activist urged people on her Twitter handle to use garlic and ginger for countering Covid-19.

Mahdavi claimed that garlic juice mixed with two glasses of water had proved miraculously effective in treating Covid-19.

Iran’s International News Channel qouted the Iranian deputy health minister as advising people to use garlic, safron,  jujube and licorice for treating Covid-19.

The release of such material on social media has prompted people not to pay heed to health guidelines issued by the officials concerned against Covid-19.

Habibullah, a resident of Khoshal Khan Mina in Kabul, said: “We have been buying bring kilograms of garlic after we came to know about its effectiveness.”

He said: “In our family, nobody wears a face mask and nobody is vaccinated after we came to know that garlic helps improve the immunue system.”

Afsana, another resident of Kabul, said: “I have read some social media posts that say by eating garlic, people don’t contract Cvid-19. I have not been vacinated. I am not wearing a mask either. I contracted Covid-19 a month earleir and had been in terrible condition.”

The reality is that garlic’s effectivness against Covid-19 has not been proved so far.

Dr. Mairani Bratzai, in charge of infection prevention and control (IPC) at the Afghan Japan Hospital, said no research had been conducted on the effectinvess of garlic in the treatment of Covid-19.

“Soarthroat and body itch are among the problems Covid-19 patients experience in some cases. They feel their throat is blocked,” he added.

Asked about the effectivenss of garlic, he replied: “We cannot recommend our patients this because it has not been proven so far.”

Instead he asked people to avoid using herbs and unprescribed medicines. The official urged people to visit medical centres in case of need.

Dr. Kamyar Alae, head of the Global Health and Training Institute, said in an interview: “Don’t search for food — garlic, ginger or lemon — to deter or treat Covid-19.”

He explained the only way to prevent Covid-19 was to observe social distencing and avoid contact with individuals sufferring from the virus.

Pajhwok strived to reach the Ministry of Public Health for comments in this regard, but did not succeed.


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