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Public demand prompt resumption of passports distribution

Public demand prompt resumption of passports distribution

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9 Jan 2023 - 00:34
Public demand prompt resumption of passports distribution
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9 Jan 2023 - 00:34

KABUL (Pajhwok): Most people in the country have complained against the halt of passport distribution under the pretext of technical and other issues.

Passport, a key traveling document, has been postponed from the past three months in the country.

The Central Passport Office after three months of halt said no date has been set for the resumption of passports distribution until the technical issues are addressed.

Some officials of the passport department, on January 6th said the passports issuance process has been postponed until the second order of the government for bringing some positive changes in the equipment of the directorate and to further speedup its process.

The process of passports distribution has been stopped since three months, People need passports and they ask the government to resume it soon.

Sweeta, the resident of 15th district of Kabul city said, she has been counting days for the resumption of passport distribution because she is sick and want to travel to Pakistan for her treatment.

Sweeta told Pajhwok Afghan News passport issuance process was stopped three months ago under the pretext of technical issues, this process has never been resumed after the passage of three months.

“We are ignored, we have no value for the government, we walk door to door to get passports”, Sweeta added.

Every national of Afghanistan has the right to have his passport, on the bases of urgent public demand, the Central Passport Office must resume its issuance.

Ferashta, the resident of Dasht Saqawa area of Kabul city told Pajhwok: “I have cardiac problem, I am neglected, I come to passport department every time, I am not given my passport, no one is listening to my words”.

She asked the department of passport to resume issuance of passports soon because many people like her needed their passports.

Sayed Bilal Sayad, the resident of Karte Parwan area of Kabul city told Pajhwok, my brother registered his name seven months ago to get a passport, but he still waiting for his turn.

“Many people have medical and some other problems and they need to get passports, they can’t get passports, the official just talk about technical problems which have never been solved” Sayad said.

He asked the government especially the directorate of passports to address this issue soon.

Sayed Ilyas, a resident of 2nd district of Kabul city told Pajhwok, that he has registered his name with the passport department six months ago but still waits his turn.

“I seriously need a passport because he wants to travel for studying.”

He has also asked the passport department to resume passports distribution.

Noorullah Patman, the spokesperson of the Central Passport Office told Pajhwok Afghan News, the distribution process of passports has been stopped due to some technical issues from October 8.

The directorate wanted to resume the distribution of passports which will not stop again as it stopped several times because of some technical problems in the past, he said.

The troubleshooting work on technical problems is still going on, the directorate wants to equip all the 33 provincial departments with human resources and technical assets this time.

Some progress had been done, the department is committed to provide quality of services to the people, when the problems are solved, the department will resume issuance of passports, Patman said.

He did not specify the technical problems nor the resumption date for the issuance of passports.

He has also refused the gossips about the decline of the passports, he said there department still has enough passports.

Patman also refused the claims of some people who talked about the surge in the price of passports.


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