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Call for effective public transport system across Kabul

Call for effective public transport system across Kabul

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12 Nov 2023 - 18:33
Call for effective public transport system across Kabul
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12 Nov 2023 - 18:33

KABUL (Pajhwok): A number of Kabul residents, especially women commuters, complain about the lack of a regular public transport system in the capital

They want the government to address the issue and launch the Milli Bus service in all parts of the capital.

Meanwhile, the officials concerned say they are striving to run urban buses in various areas of Kabul as soon as possible.

Currently, cabs and private minivans ply Kabul roads as an irregular transport system. But the present service leaves a lot to be desired.

A large number of women say that due to the lack of an effective and regular public transport service, they are faced with a lot of inconvenience.

Khadija Kohistani, a resident of Khairkhana locality who works as a reporter for Ariana TV, told Pajhwok Afghan News there was no regular transport system. Instead taxis are operating in the entire capital.

“While returning from work, I reach home very late due to the lack of transport and traffic congestions. People wait on the streets, especially women and girls face problems as most cabbies pick only men.”

Mehnaz, an inhabitant of Kota-i-Sangi area who works as nurse in a private hospital, has a similar complaint.

“During fall and winter, commuter’ problems increase, because the day gets shorter and traffic congestion keeps people waiting for hours. I reach home very late in the evening.”

She commutes daily between Kota-i-Sangi and Kart-i-Chahar even in the absence of a regular public transport service. She asked the Ministry of Transport to pay due attention to the issue.

Men also grumble about the problem. Rahimullah Stanikzai, an elderly Kabul resident, alleged: “Over the last 20 years, the government has not paid any attention to addressing this problem.”

Some 35 years ago, he recalled, there was ample convenience for commuters. “When the Millie Bus service was fully functional, the fare was only one afghani, and transportation was comfortable.”

Stanikzai urged the Ministry of Transport to focus on activating a dependable urban bus system on all routes throughout the city.

Ahmad Wali, a resident of 500-Family area who works for a private firm in Shahr-i-Naw, said: “I always return home after the evening prayers due to the lack of a reliable public transport regime.”

All interviewees want the Islamic Emirate to pay serious attention to the activation of a regular urban transport system,.

Maulvi Abdul Wali Saad, head of the Milli Bus, said: “All our dear fellow citizens are informed that the new leadership of the company has expanded its activity, which was very limited in the past, from four routes to 12 routes in Kabul City.”

“The repair work of our buses is underway and we will run them on urban routes,” he promised.

Apart from repairing the company’s buses, he said, they plan the purchase other vehicles by Afghan investors and running them in the capital city.


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