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‘2,300 died of respiratory diseases in past 11-month’

‘2,300 died of respiratory diseases in past 11-month’

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25 Nov 2023 - 20:24
‘2,300 died of respiratory diseases in past 11-month’
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25 Nov 2023 - 20:24

KABUL (Pajhwok): More than 7.8 million people inflict with seasonal respiratory illnesses in the country in which 2,300 have died in the past 11 months, an said on Saturday.

Dr. Sharafat Zaman Sharaft, Ministry of Public Health (MoPH)  said, since the beginning of this year the cases of respiratory diseases such as flue, cold, pneumonia and cough increased, over 7.8 people inflicted such illnesses and 2,300 died from them.

He said that more than 7.5 people caught respiratory diseases in 2022 while the figures of the past two years showed a significant hike.

Although the statistics recorded in every two years include all age groups, the majority of respiratory illnesses’ patients are children, Dr. Sharafat said.

“The statistics of the seasonal respiratory illnesses during the past two years show a hike in the cases of these diseases is because the patients have access to health centres and they register themselves. Another reason is that the environment is getting polluted day by day.” He added.

He advised the people to wear masks and keep their children warm and if whenever a person suffers from such diseases, besides other measures, he/she should be given more warm liquids.

Professor Mohammad Arif Hasanzai, head of Indira Gandhi Hospital Internal Diseases told Pajhwok Afghan News, illnesses such as cold, flue, pneumonia, throat pain and other diseases targeted most of the children and elders because their bodies are less resistant to such illnesses.

He said: “The illnesses of respiratory vary from one to another person such normal cough, mild pneumonia and acute pneumonia.”

“We accept most of those patients that are involved with mild and acute pneumonia in the beds for treatment, the cases of such illness increase during the cold season.” He said.

Incursion of virus in the body of the children, weak economy, none administration of vaccines during the childhood, polluted air and poor hygiene are the main reasons which increase the cases of respiratory illness among the children.

The number of patients with respiratory diseases especially acute pneumonia is very high, Hasanzai said: “According to our daily report, we register around 20 to 30 patient involved with seasonal pneumonia diseases.”

The administration of childhood vaccines, completion of breastfeeding period from six months up to two years and concession of hygiene are the reasons that increase the resistant of the body.

One of the caregivers of a patient, Faizur Rahman Faiz told Pajhwok, that his child has in the bed of the hospital since three day for the treatment of pneumonia.

He admired the services provided for the patients in the hospital and said that his child is getting better now.


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