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An open letter to OIC by Afghan Civil Society Coordination Centre
An open letter to OIC by Afghan Civil Society Coordination Centre

We all Afghans appreciate your efforts and other assistance for the Afghan people, in terms of aid and development that ‎have been undertaken for the last four decades.‎

It is utterly shameful to be so openly dismissive of the traditions of the Prophet of Islam. It is even ‎worse when such deplorable claims are made at the gatherings of some 80 delegations and ‎representatives of 56 countries at the Extraordinary Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the ‎Organization of Islamic Cooperation held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 19 December 2021.‎

While we also condemn Imran Khan Hate speeches where he has blamed people of the ‎nation for resisting the draconian laws imposed by the Taliban, we also condemned his express about the education of Afghans while reported in 2015, 9.5 million ‎students were there, of which 40.5% were girls and 16,400 schools were there teacher 20,4768 among them 70,000 were female teachers. We Afghan ‎condemn the illiterate and misguided spewing speech, of the Pakistan prime minister about Afghan education system that are ignorant of the reality of Afghan Society where for the instant ,we  have been a democratic country and nation before 1947, where Pakistan ‎did not even exist on the earth map. While Afghans were fighting against the long British invaders in Asia, which caused the independence of the region and fall of the British hundreds of ‎years of colonial rule in the world.‎

Meanwhile Afghan people of almost all strata ‎consider Pakistan a huge threat for the Afghan nation and behind this four decades of fighting, history showed‎ Pakistan is the main benefactor of this long war. Their government and especially military and ISI have the key role ‎of engagement in our internal and external issues caused the direct role in the instability of our country in region. The miseries and problems have been brought over to Afghanistan from Pakistan. The previous Taliban government was also brought and collapsed by Pakistan, and they ‎dishonored the Taliban ambassador of that time Mr.Mulla Zaief the unique example in the world ‎history which they made. The Alqueeda head was found near their military base. ‎More than tens of other terrorist groups are there in Pakistan functioning for destabilized the region and killing the Muslims. These groups have been spreading terror in ‎the region and earning money by spreading lies and terror. ISI is the main culprit of weakness of Muslims nation worldwide and especially in the Asia. They harm the name of ‎Muslims and Islam around the world. It also causes the dis unity of the Muslim nations. It is ISI that is preventing Afghanistan to have a stable and strong democratic government.

As you know, Pakistan does not want to have a strong and democratic government in ‎Afghanistan to have strong brotherhood relationship with other Muslims nations and rest of the country. They have always had this plan that there ‎should be a weak and needy Afghan government and Society, so that any nation of the world to have relation and assists that ‎government and Afghan nation would resort to help through Pakistan. This has been a big source of income for Pakistan for the last ‎four decades.‎

We also believe, that Pakistan is the enemy of Islam and Muslims. As a neighbor, Pakistan is trying to ‎destroy our development, especially education, health sector, and economy, so that our ‎nation would be dependent for their resources. Pakistan is also cheating and not performing as a true Muslim state to OIC and other Muslim countries around the world.‎

Our main request from the Excellency of Organization of Islamic Cooperation is to understand and be aware of the Afghans point ‎of views regarding the former and current British colony and imperial proxy, Pakistan and its ISI. As you know, Pakistan has invaded our country by the hand ‎of a particular movement Taliban, who has been killing the Afghan Muslims for the last 2 decades.

In this two decades The OIC, and other Islamic scholars and organizations have condemned this indiscriminate killing of Afghans in Islamic point of view that had been declared as a Haram act. But Pakistan has been supporting this kind of Muslim genocide, caused the collapse of a democratic government.

We condemn this aggression and enmity of Pakistan against Afghan nation. We hope ‎that OIC, will play a key and fundamental role to understand the interest of the Afghan nation and supporting their point of view and make ties with Pakistan on the base of all above mentioned facts and realities, As a Muslim nation we believe that the Creature Allah will Ask from OIC and other Muslim countries about Pakistan (ISI) genocide on Afghans Muslims.

Beside this we also have a humble request from OIC, boycotted Pakistan because of  their aggression against Afghans, and does not considered Pakistan as a spokesperson of Afghan nation,

We Afghan have humble request from The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, to assist Afghan people in this worst situation of humanitarian crisis by providing them technical and financial support directory through their own channels.


From:  Afghan Youth Empowerment & Protection Civil Society and Civil Society Coordination Center

Web:   Email: [email protected]

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