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Taliban trying to overrun Andar district, says district chief

GHAZNI CITY (Pajhwok): Administrative chief of Andar district in southern Ghazni province has said the Taliban strived to overrun the district and the group for this purpose planted landmines in areas used by public.

During an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News Mohammad Qasam Desiwal said the Taliban had been involved in fierce clashes with security forces in the district multiple times and there had been explosions often due to the landmines the insurgent had planted the target of which were usually common people.

 “The militants planted landmines in the vicinity of schools, mosques and civilian homes that usually hit innocent people, including women and children,” he said.

He claimed the provincial bomb disposal squad often worked late in the night until 10:00pm to defuse the bombs they discovered.

Desiwal termed improved communication and effectiveness of security forces which halted the attacks of Taliban for the district control. He claimed the insurgents would suffer heavy losses if they tried to attack the district.

“The Taliban made many attempts to take control of Andar district so from here they would stage attacks on Ghazni city, the provincial capital easily,” he said.”

Despite worries due unstable law and order situations Desiwal said the development work was going smoothly in the district.

He believed the development of infrastructure and execution of uplift projects was the only way to improve the law and order situations.

Many youth had joined insurgents’ ranks and fought against government due to unemployment, he said, adding if here were more development projects and other job generating activities the youth might not choose to take arms.

About the education system he said all schools in the district were open and students attended the schools.

He, however, said some schools were without buildings and in some other areas the students didn’t go schools due to fear of insurgents.

He said the residents were bored with everyday of fighting and explosions and fully support the government and were cooperative.

Obaidullah, the resident of Andar district, told Pajhwok Afghan News about the presence of militants. He said the insurgents traveled from one place to another and sometimes involved in clashes.

He said the insurgents placed landmines on highways and the civilians had to suffer. According to Obaidullah farmers were worried that one day they would hit a landmine in their fields.

There has been no reaction from the insurgents regarding the remarks.

Andar district is located 30 kilometres to the southeast of the provincial capital and is considered as one of the insecure districts of the province.


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