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Afghan youth welcomes Brussels conference outcome

KABUL at the Brussels Conference and asked the unity government leaders to honour its own promises.  

Sayed Abdullah Hashimi, head of the Afghanistan Youth Association, told a gathering appreciating the aid that the Afghan youth wanted the unity government leaders to keep their promises they held out to the international community about fighting corruption and bringing reforms to the electoral system and protecting women’s and human rights.

Hashimi said the youth were ready to support the unity government in different areas to enable it to implement its pledges.

“Afghanistan should fully utilise the $15.2 billion aid pledged by the international community for the country over the next four years so that we become self-sufficient after the four years and free from further need of international assistance.”

Ahmad Farhad Ghaznavi, a member of the association and a university professor, called the Brussels Conference a major achievement for Afghanistan and said the world’s keenness to assist Afghanistan was better compared to previous such conferences.  

He said the unity government leaders were also given a task that was wining the trust and satisfying the international community.

“The unity government has to keep its promises and has to use the aid in a good manner.”

Ghaznavi said the aid should be spent on basic infrastructure development projects, promotion of domestic products, creation of jobs for educated youth and launching profitable projects.     

Afghanistan has to prevent embezzlement of the money through strong management because it was critical for Afghanistan in order not to lose the assisting countries’ trust, he believed.


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