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Taliban movement slowing, says Mike Pompeo

KABUL movement was slowing.

“My conclusion from this visit is that the president’s strategy is indeed working,” said Pompeo who appeared in a joint press conference with President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul.

Last August, President Trump agreed to a Pentagon request to send thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan, while US commanders were given more authority to strike the Taliban as well as Islamic State and al-Qaeda terrorists.

Pomepo, continuing a week-long, around-the-world summit in Brussels later this week, said the Trump administration supported the idea of peace talks with the Taliban. While the US would assist that effort as much as it could, he said the process must be led by Afghanistan.

The two leaders said they conferred on US assistance and cooperation in various fields with Afghanistan, regional cooperation, counter-terrorism , funding and equipping the security and defense forces, the Afghan-led peace process and ownership, elections and implementation of the US strategy on Afghanistan and South Asia.

Ghani said Afghan-led peace process had the support all Afghans and that support was based on a consensus and consultation of the Afghan people.

The president added that the ceasefire with the Taliban was also a successful process, but achieving peace due to the years of war in the country required a lot of work and patience.

The US Secretary of State also praised the courage and dedication of Afghan security forces and US forces and said the United States was now a “sustainable partner” to the Afghan people.

“We are working with the government and the Afghan security forces to create safe and stable conditions in this country,” said Pomepo, adding the US strategy had been successful in Afghanistan and South Asia.


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