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In Telecommunications Ministry, jobs up for sale

KABUL (Pajhwok): Individuals with close links to Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology Shahzad Aryubi have been selling key positions, Pajhwok Afghan News has reliably learnt.

Based on findings of this news agency, Jamal Aryubi, senior advisor to the minister of telecommunication, sent an email to a candidate for the director of technology and innovation.

Janat Gul, the candidate, was asked 20 days ago for $15,000 for his appointment to the slot. But Jamal Aryubi rejected the allegations as a baseless. “Only a mad person will ask for bribes via email.”

Bit documents available to Pajhwok show Jamal sent an email to Janat Gul, one of the eligible contenders for the position in the ministry, on August 28 at round 10pm.

Jamal wrote: “I have told you on behalf of the minister to pay $15,000 while another job seeker is ready to give $20,000. Your complaints will be ignored and we will re-announce the position soon.”

However, Janat Gul did not respond to the email from Jamal Aryubi. Instead he sent a brief message to Shahzad Aryubi’s personal number, seeking clarity about his job application.

In the short mail, the candidate wrote: “Dear minister! Hope you are well. I have got a letter from the Independent Administrative Reform Commission. I have also talked to your friends. But you seem to have rejected the entire legal process.”

Amin Dawoodzai, secretary to Minister Shahzad Aryubi, answered the message, saying: “Hi! I just asked the minister, who told me to get $10,000 instead of $15,000 from you for this position.

“This decision is final; otherwise you can send him (the minister) a message on WatsApp. The demand has been made personally by him (the minister),” read the message.

However, when approached for comments, Dawoodzai spurned the allegations as a whacking lie.

According to Jannat Gul Ahmadzai, the MCIT announced the vacancy eight months ago and 43 had people were shortlisted while three individuals who secured high marks introduced to verbal test. But even the candidate with highest marks was unable to occupy this position due some reasons.

The source said the MCIT’s HR department in an email to the three candidates, Wais Yousufzai, Masuma Muradi and Jannat Gul Ahmadzai, four months ago said that none of them were able to secure the required marks for the position.

“If you (the candidates) are not convinced from the test based on CBR procedure, you can register your complaints with Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission (IARCSC),” part of the text of the email sent to the three candidates.

Jannat Gul Ahmadzai, son of Mir Agha, was one of the qualified candidates for the technology and innovations post of the MCIT. He participated in the verbal test but he was unable to take the position for not paying $10,000 to Shahzad Gul Aryubi, communication and IT minister.

Ahmadzai then registered a complaint with IARCSC and asked this organization to investigate the issue.

The IARCSC after reviewing the complaint, in a litter No. 895 to the MCIT said, “We took both verbal and written tests from the complainant (Jannat Gul Ahmadzai) and his marks increased from 58.625 to 67.25 and he is the winner of the post according to the relevant procedure,”

The IARCSC has sent several letters to the MCIT after the first letter and asked the ministry to assure IARCSC that it has implemented its decision regarding Ahmadzai’s issue.

Jannat Gul Ahmadzai said that the IARCSC letters were not responded so far and the minister himself was keeping the letters in his own office.

Ahmadzai, the current employee of Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA), while talking with Pajhwok Afghan News said, “Jamal Aryubi, advisor and cousin of the communication and IT minister, invited me to his office and told me that they were unaware about the IARCSC letters… he told me that the president himself said they should collect money as the election is approaching,”

He said that his talks with the communication and IT minister advisor did not yield any results. “Ajmal Aryubi took my email address and he told me that he will email me later, a few days later he emailed me and asked me to pay him $15,000 (in order to hold the position),” Ahmadzai added.

Another document show Shahzad Gul Aryubi appointed 130 employees since he took charge of the ministry and paying them salaries from 12,000 Afghanis to 230,000 Afghanis a month.

The salaries of people employed by Shahzad Gul Aryubi are reaching around 10 million Afghanis a month.

Jamal Aryubi, advisor of the minister and Aminullah Daudzai, nephew of the minister, each receive 230,000 Afghanis and 76,000 Afghanis as their monthly salaries.

Shahzad Gul Aryubi received the confidence vote from Wolesi Jirga on December 4, 2017.

It happens at times that former Information Technology Minister Abdul Razzaq Wahidi was also referred to the court over illegal appointment of 37 employees and seven advisors against salary ranging from 50,000 afghanis to 169,000 afghanis and creation of an inappropriate Real Time system.

Jannat Gul, criticized the appointment of former minister’s relatives, threatening the senior officials to resign and their transfer to provinces and said: “A number of directors were being threatened to resign some had been transferred such as Jannat Khan Fahim, the administrative director, who was transferred to Parwan and replaced by a person by the name of Naik Zazai.”

He added recently two persons, including Ghulam Mustafa Noori, has been appointed as finance head without the announcement of the post and open competition. He is being paid amount 200,000 afghanis.

He said: “Since Shahzada Aryubi has been appointed as minister of Information and Communication, he has forced many senior officials to resign or transfer in order to vacant the posts for his close friends and parliamentarians, he directly bring an individual an appoint him on the post without announcing the post.”

Saer Zaland, spokesperson for the MCIT, rejected the demand for money by the minister for the hiring process, and added every kind of falsification is possible in this time adding that all documents in this regard had been fraud and the minister was not involved in fraud.

He said all the appointments had been taking place by the Independent Commission for Administrative Reforms and Civil Services (IARCSC) and the elements of ethnicity, language and race was not considered except qualification and talent.

IARCSC Spokesman Abdul Farid Ahmad said no institution has exception from the law related to the hiring process adding that vacant posts of grade one and grade two are announced by the IARCSC in collaboration with the concerned institution.

He said third and fourth grad positions in the capital and provinces was monitored by the governor and concerned commission of the IARCSC. Candidates for the fifth and sixth grade positions are recruited annually though examination


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