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Criminals list shared with police in Kabul: Saleh

19 Oct 2020 - 20:14
19 Oct 2020 - 20:14

KABUL (Pajhwok): First Vice President AmrullahSaheh on Monday announced that intelligence coverage would be conducted street to street in capital Kabul as per a new decision.

Saleh has taken charge of Kabul’s security for a few weeks in compliance with President Ashraf Ghani’s directives.

Two days back, the VP wrote on his Facebook page: “I don’t have anything called compassion for criminals in my dictionary in terms of enforcing the law to ensure public security.”

The VP published his second decision in 11 articles on his Facebook page on Monday to ensure security in Kabul.

1st article

This article says owners of all undocumented vehicles will be given two months to complete legal process for obtaining documents.

It further said the Ministry of Finance will determine the amount of custom according to the year of production but during this period, whenever undocumented vehicles are caught, they will be transported to the Barikab desert or will be used directly by police in city and districts for patrols. So please do not use undocumented vehicles and the so-called one key vehicles and do not drive on roads.

2nd article

This article says people have sent hundreds of pieces of information on specific issues, including praise, analysis and criminal and semi-actionable information and that each of them is being addressed.

The above article also said if, after the passage of 24 hours, no one from the relevant departments calls you, send the information again and say it is repeated and has not been acted upon.

3rd article

This article says beggars will not be allowed to stand or spread out in the middle of streets and roads.

Fourth article

This article states that high rising buildings that do not have legal order for construction, but are under construction, will be destroyed as two samples were destroyed on Sunday.

Fifth Article

In this article, the Kabul municipality is asked to prepare a list of all high-rise buildings that have been built illegally and without permission.

It further said the violators will face legal action, additional taxes and fines.

Sixth Article

It warns all shops that have encroached upon footpaths to clear the sidewalks and shops that do not accept the order will be closed.

Seventh Article

This article states, “The crime graph will be checked and evaluated every morning at 6:00am. I repeat – no case will be left uninvestigated as a woman has been killed in Khairkhana area of Kabul city on Sunday and we had identified the murderer, but he has escaped the city.”

Eight Article

This article says the list of small and big criminals have been handed over police officials in all relevant areas and the authorities concerned have enough information about their arrest.

Ninth Article

The article said a number of officials who were allied with the perpetrators had been arrested based on public information and handed over to the law.

10th Article

The article said security institutions are the pride of Afghanistan and their existing capacities will be strengthened.

It further stated that the Kabul Police headquarters, police districts and its lower ranks are accountable only to the official authority.

11th article

In this article, Amrullah Saleh has announced the beginning of intelligence coverage from street to street, house to house and neighborhood to neighborhood, saying that no one has the right to lie to the national security or hide the truth.


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