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Farah people complain about high flight ticket prices

FARAH CITY (Pajhwok): Residents of western Farah province complain about high airfares of domestic flights between Farah and Kabul, saying that travel on road is risky considering the bad security situation.

Currently only Kam Air Airlines conducts two flights from Kabul to Farah and vice-versa in a week.

One-way ticket price from Kabul to Farah was previously $105, but the rate increased from $120 to $130 in recent months.

Farah people complain about increased airfare

Ihsanullah, a resident of Farah city, capital of the province, said that the distance between Kabul and Herat and Kabul and Farah was almost the same, but one-way ticket from Kabul to Herat was $61 compared to $120 and sometimes $130 to Farah.

Google Map shows that a flight from Kabul to Herat reaches in one hour and 15 minutes and from Kabul to Farah in an hour and 30 minutes. Based on tickets prices from Kabul to Herat, the rates from Kabul to Farah should have been $73.

Ihsanullah said, “The government has adopted a double standard with Farah in various areas compared to many other provinces of the country, this has affected Farah people in all parts of life.”

He said that the rates of flight tickets was double to Farah compared to the price of ticket to Herat as all highways were under Taliban’s control and it was risky for some people to travel by road.

He asked the government to address the high ticket price issue.

Mohammad Ismail, and some other residents of the province also complained about high flight rates and asked Kam Air Airlines to reconsider the prices. They said more people would travel by air if the prices were reduced.

Ismail asked Farah local administration to share the matter with Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority and Kam Air Airlines for solution.

Dadullah Qanay, Farah provincial council head, said he had shared the problem with Kam Air Airlines but he did not receive any response from the company.

He said that he would encourage Ariana Afghan Airlines to start flights to Farah on fair prices.

Meanwhile, Haji Abdul SattarHussaini, a lawmaker from Farah said, that he would follow the matter with Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority and other relevant officials for solution.

Mohammad DaudShirzad, deputy Farah governor, said that the local administration would not stay silent over high ticket prices or would find alternative ways to resolve the problem.

JamshidRajabi, Kam Air Airlines’ representative in Farah, said that the ticket prices had been set based on an understanding with Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority.

He said many people used to first travel to Herat by road and then to Kabul by air due to high rates for Farah.

However, he did not respond to the reason behind not sharing the problem with the airline’s main office.


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