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Afghanistan witnesses major developments last week

21 Aug 2021 - 19:15
21 Aug 2021 - 19:15

KABUL (Pajhwok): Last week Afghanistan witnessed major developments — former President Ashraf Ghani escaped, Taliban overran Kabul, the decades-long war came to an end and civilian casualties went down eight times compared to the previous week.

The previous week 361 people were killed and injured but last week 47 people suffered casualties — 23 killed and 24 injured. This included casualties before the capture of Kabul at the hands of Taliban. Some people got killed and injured in rallies, stampede at the airport in the quest of going abroad.

Major events of the week

  • Taliban captured Kabul, the entire country apart from Panjshir
  • Some countries halt assistance as Kabul falls
  • Taliban will be given tough time to seek international recognition: US
  • Will stay in Afghanistan, the Taliban should resolve problems through a political settlement and Afghanistan should not become safe haven for terrorists again: UN
  • International community should provide support to Afghanistan instead of putting pressure: China
  • At the moment Taliban are in-charge of Afghanistan, there is no alternative for Taliban: Russia
  • Will form an inclusive Islamic government acceptable to all Afghans and want cordial ties with the world: Taliban

Attacks and Civilian Casualties

Twenty-three civilians were killed and 24 others injured as a result of airstrike, stampede in rallies and at Kabul Airport last week.

According to Pajhwok reports, 65 people were killed and 296 others injured in the previous week. During the ongoing solar year, on average 170 people were killed and injured weekly.

Government forces and Taliban insurgents also suffered casualties in these attacks, but Pajhwok did not publish the figures due to lack of correct information in this regard.

Taliban’s return

US and its allies invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after 9/11 attacks in the US. The Taliban government was toppled. After a lengthy war, the US and the Taliban signed a peace agreement last year in February according to which all US forces will leave Afghanistan.

The Taliban captured Kabul on August 15 and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani fled to the United Arab Emirates at a time when some US forces were still in Afghanistan. These US troops are in Kabul airport to ensure the evacuation of US citizens in Afghanistan and some Afghans who worked with the US in the past 20 years.

Former President Ashraf Ghani in a video message said that in order to prevent bloodshed he fled the country and he was forced to do so. He added he was consulting to return to Afghanistan. Some Afghans hit back at Ghani for fleeing the country and leaving people and institutions with unknown future.

Ghani’s first deputy AmrullahSaleh is said to be in Panjshir. Saleh claimed he was the caretaker president of Afghanistan according to the Constitution. He also announced resistance against the Taliban from Panjshir.

International reactions

US president, Joe Biden said that very strict conditions would be made for the international legitimacy of Taliban.

The US national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, however, said that any future government in Afghanistan should accept international responsibilities, but the US suspended assistance to Afghanistan considering the ongoing situation in the country.

NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting on Afghanistan in a joint statement voiced on all sides in Afghanistan to work for an inclusive government, protection of the rights of women and minorities as well as ensure that Afghanistan will not be used as terrorist sanctuary.

UN secretary general AntónioGuterres in a message to Afghan people said, “I want to extend a special message to the people of Afghanistan during this trying time: (The UN) is with you and committed to staying and delivering, helping to advance peace, opportunity and human rights for all.”

The UNSC voiced on the Taliban to resolve the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan through a political solution and do not allow Afghanistan again used as terrorist safe haven.

China, on the other hand, asked the Taliban to stay committed to forming an inclusive Islamic government and said that the Taliban were interested to have good relations with China.

Another report shows that Chinese foreign minister during a phone call with his British counterpart said that the international community should help Afghanistan instead of mounting more pressure on the country.

Russian envoy to Afghanistan, Dmitry Zhirnovsaid, “We cannot ignore realities, Taliban are currently leading Afghanistan, there is no any other alternative for Taliban in Afghanistan.”

We want to create inclusive government, good relations with world: Taliban

ZabihullahMujahid, Taliban spokesman, said that they were consulting with the country’s politicians on forming an inclusive Islamic government and the Taliban wanted good relations with their neighbors.

He said US and European countries should deal with the Taliban politically and should recognize Afghanistan as an independent nation.

The Taliban made it clear they had no enmity with anyone and will ensure the security of everyone including embassies, women will be allowed to study, work and enjoy other rights through Sharia Law, media would be allowed to work freely under Islamic and national values.

This comes as HIA leader GulbuddinHekmatyar, Former President Hamid Karzai and Peace Council Chairman Abdullah are striving for an inclusive government in Afghanistan. But some political leaders such as SalahuddinRabbani, Mohaqiq and KarimKhalili are in Pakistan.

Women civil movement under Taliban

Some women last week rallied in front of Taliban armed personnel and demanded their civil rights — opportunity for work, education and political participation. They said women comprised half of the society and should be given their rights.

This is worth mentioning that currently women are active in media and appear on media screens.

Earlier some people believed that soon after the Taliban entry to Kabul women would be banned from going out of their homes.


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