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Agents provide E-NIC in a week time against $100

Agents provide E-NIC in a week time against $100

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1 Dec 2021 - 17:43
Agents provide E-NIC in a week time against $100
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1 Dec 2021 - 17:43

KABUL (Pajhwok): Despite strict measures taken to prevent corruption in the distribution of Electronic National Identity Cards (E-NIC), still some agents charge from 2,500 afs to 10,000 afs for one E-NIC in a week time.

Pajhwok Afghan News reporter visited some E-NIC distribution centres in different parts of Kabul City and witnessed irregularities and found applicants complaining against slow-paced work and mistakes committed by branch officials while recording their data.

Officials said completion of computerized forms, evaluation of filled forms, payment of fee, biometric process of applicant, printing of E-NIC and its distribution, all this work is not possible in a week time. They said at least 15 days are needed for preparation of a C-NIC.

E-NIC agents

Pajhwok Afghan News reliably learned that some individuals present in photocopy and print booths outside E-NIC branch also serve as agents.

Pajhwok reporter first went to a photocopy booth where he asked for an agent who could provide a E-NIC in a week time.

The man who was asked for agent introduced himself as Mushtaq and responded in a positive manner. He replayed: “We charge 10,000 afs against one E-NIC which will be completed in a week.”

Pajhwok reported responded that 10,000 afs was a huge amount and requested concession. Mushtaq replied: “The last rate is 8,000 afs per head and the NIC will be ready in a week.”

Mushatq said the applicant should be present in person for biometric and shall pay the amount after biometric process is over.

When asked that if the agent knew someone inside the NIC branch he responded: “Yes, you are nothing to do with this.”

Agents on social media

Mohammad Agha Noori, a Facebook user, has published a topic Swift and fair E-NIC online service in his Facebook page Afghan Bazaar.

It is written on his page: “Noori Online Services Office, at your door step, swift and inexpensive with full surety, don’t miss this opportunity. Please be quick — online registration for E-NIC from 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Discount, Discount, Discount, registration through Whatsapp No. 0784048650 – 0779864709.”

Pajhwok contacted these mobile phone numbers and the person who responded introduced himself as Imran who worked in one of the E-NIC branchs.

He said he could provide E-NIC in a week and added: “Per head $100 is charged and it takes time from five days to one week.”

“Your E-NIC will not be fake, it goes through biometric process, I know a person who will get you E-NIC from Taimani branch,” he said.

When asked about discount, he said: “If you are 8-member family you will be charged $750.”

Another Facebook page Online Tazkera Registration wrote: “Registration for E-NIC has resumed but in a different manner. Our purpose is to help people and hope in this critical time we could help our people. If you want to get your E-NIC in a short time against a fair amount of money then contact us on this No. 0797427934.”

Measures for prevention of corruption and commission

When Pajhwok Afghan News reporter contacted a number attributed to Online Tazkera Registration Facebook page, a person who identified himself as Eng. Haseeb said that he only worked in filling E-NIC registration form.

However, when asked whether he can help in taking an E-NIC quickly when it is needed urgently, he said, “Are you registering individually or family?”

“I have people there and an E-NIC is charged 2,500 afgahnis; but this trick now became a little difficult,” he said. After some 10 minutes, the person again contacted and said, “I contacted my person, he told me that he cannot, because some of our colleagues were fired for doing it.”

“The Taliban are serious now, and we cannot do anything,” he said.

Obtaining E-NIC in four days

Samir Ahmadi, a resident of Kabul, said that after the E-NIC distribution process began, he was unable to get the ID cards for himself and six members of his family due to overcrowding and disorder in E-NIC registration centers.

“One day there was no electricity, one day some of their employees were absent, there was a huge crowd of applicants, I was not able to obtain the ID card through legal process,” he added.

He said, “So when a failed to get the ID cards, one of my friends got me in contact with a commissioner who fortunately provided the cards for us within four days against 4,000 afghanis each.”

“This person has contact with a person inside the ID cards distribution center in Karta-i-Char area, he provided me the cards without any problems,” he said.

He said that the person who took responsibility for ID cards registration passed all the steps of the ID cards himself and he and his family members were only invited for biometric without waiting for a turn. That person delivered our ID cards himself to our home and we gave him the requested amount of money, he added.

BibiGul, a resident of SarkutalKhairkhana area of Kabul, who referredto a E-NIC center in Sara-i-Shamali area of ​​Kabul to correct her son’s age, said: “The age of my son is mistaken in the ID card by two years, I want to correct his age, I asked a lot but it was futile, a commissioner told me that he would do the job in three days if I give him $200.”

However, QariSaeedKhosti, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, in response to a question about corruption said,  “I do not agree with these statements, there may be corruption but not on the level which is mentioned, even if the case is true, former government’s officers are doing it, we try to monitor them to prevent corruption.”

Commissioning inherited from the past

Bibi Haji, a 65 years old woman from Karta-i-Parwan area of Kabul said, “I had three ID cards and I wanted to cancel all of them and take a legal one, I contacted a security official and told him that if he can help me, he introduced himself Arif and told me that he can help but he demanded $3,000.”

“I agreed and I was giving him $500 a week until I provided $3,000, after he took the money he disappeared and I was unable to find him again,” she said.

Complaints about disorder

Respondents told Pajhwok that there were mistakes in names, surnames, ages, etc. in people’s ID cards and those asking for correction created a huge crowd and disorder in the ID cards distribution centers.

ShakilaDavari, a resident of Kabul who came to the Macrorian e-NIC center, said that there were too many applicants which created a chaotic situation in the center.

She said that no one cared about their turn and those having relations with officials processed their documents without waiting for their turn.

She called on officials to take necessary measures to establish order in ID cards distribution centers.

Mistakes in processing documents

Ahmad Nasir, a resident of Cement Khana area of Kabul city, said that officers at e-NIC registration center in Macrorian area wrongly wrote his son’s nickname in his ID card.

“Before the ID card go for print, I asked a lot for correction, but no one heard me and my son’s ID card was printed with a wrong nickname,” he said.

A 55 years old man who visited an ID cards registration center in Sara-i-Shamali area loudly complained and said, “For God’s sake, my daughter is 15 years old but they registered her with the description of a 55 years old woman, the ID card has completely printed with wrong information, but no one hears me.”

The angry man said, “Mistake on this level!? They provided the ID card after a month but they printed it with wrong information.”

QariSaeedKhosti said that there may be disorder and crowd in some e-NIC distribution centers, but the Ministry of Interior was trying to take control of the situation as soon as possible.

This report has been produced by Pajhwok and financially supported by UNDP and Denmark.


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