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Now is time for economic development, say experts

Now is time for economic development, say experts

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23 Dec 2021 - 14:41
Now is time for economic development, say experts
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23 Dec 2021 - 14:41

QALA-I-NAW (Pajhwok): Economists in western Badghis province say the Afghans witnessed the most deadly, bitter and bloody conflicts in their country over the past four decades and there was no hope for peace.

More than four decades of war and insecurity in Afghanistan forced millions of Afghans to flee their country and hundreds of thousands have been displaced within the country.

Some sources put the casualty toll at more than a million, while othersput it at two million. As a result of war in Afghanistan, about 4.4 million people (13.9% of the total population) are disabledand now, more than half of the country’s population lives below the povertyline.

Following the fall of the previous Afghan government and its replacement by the current caretaker government, the US froze nearly $10 billion in Afghan capital and imposed some sanctions on Afghanistan, leaving Afghans in serious economic problems.

Economists say that as peace has been established in the country, now is the time for economic development of the country.

Eid Mohammad Osman, an economics expert and professor at Badghis University, told Pajhwok Afghan News that over the past few decades, the Afghan people witnessed the bloodiest wars in the country and people even lost their hope for any chance of peace.

He says millions of people were displaced by these conflicts, hundreds of thousands were disabled and hundreds of thousands more died.

Continuation of wars and violence for many years also destroyed the country’s economy as most of traders have left the country and withdrawn their capital, he said.

Now as security has been ensured, there is a great opportunity for economic development and the government should prioritize building the country’s economy, Osman said.

After the new government came into power, the violence and conflicts in the country have decreased in recent months and the people are living in a relative peaceful environment, but they face many economic problems, he added.

“When there is peace in the country, every trader is encouraged and can come and invest here, which can also help in the development and construction of economy and generate jobs for people…” he said.

He said, “Economy and peace have a good role in development of society, strengthening the education system and also building the country’s infrastructure. Our people still need peace and tranquility more than anything in the current situation.”

On the other hand, Khalid Arianpour, another economist in Badghis province, believes that peace and improved economy will prevent the collapse of the social system.

“Economy and peace in today’s society is a basic and urgent need because it prevents migration, reduces forced marriages caused by poverty, reduces drug trafficking, prevents the collapse of social system,” he said.

Large number of people lost their jobs in the last four decades of war and with the establishment of the new government, it is time for full security and all people should live in peace, he said.

“Absence of peace and security in the country in the past has caused many economic, social and political problems, which unfortunately made Afghanistan one of the poorest countries in the world. All this was because of absence of peace and security,” he said.

He called on the government to prioritize economic programs and pay more attention to them, so that Afghanistan becomes a peaceful and authoritative country.


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