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‘Women’s self-sufficiency strengthens peace’

‘Women’s self-sufficiency strengthens peace’

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23 Dec 2021 - 18:01
‘Women’s self-sufficiency strengthens peace’
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23 Dec 2021 - 18:01

HERAT CITY (Pajhwok): A woman in western Herat province, who has recruited 12 other women at a tailoring workshop, believes that her business would flourish as peace has established in the country.

TayebahAbdullahi, 44, a social activist and owner of a clothing factory in Herat, told Pajhwok Afghan News she was pleased that peace and security had been restored in the country and that people could now live in peace.

She says that in the last 20 years, women worked in various fields and played a significant role in the country’s economy, but the war has also affected women.

Now that peace and stability have been ensured in the country, women will be able to grow their business in a safe and non-violent environment, she added.

She said that with the change of political system, no one hindered her work and she has been able to continue her profession. She asked the caretaker government to create jobs for all women in various fields.

“Many women, who worked in various government departments, including the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, are now housewives, which has created some anxiety for them. It is our demand from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to call back these women to work as soon as possible,” she said.

“When the previous regime fell, everyone thought about migrating to foreign countries, but I thought with myself that I would stay and work for development of my country,” she said.

“Now that peace has been established, I believe that my business will flourish and I will succeed, I will recruit more women in the business,” Tayebah said.

After the collapse of the Ashraf Ghani administration, all businesses were affected including the sales of clothes. She said that it was hard time for all the people and she resumed her activities when the situation a little improved and called her workers to work.

She said that regime change happens in all societies and hopes that with the support of the international community, living conditions of Afghans would improve.

“I’m proud to be in my homeland and to serve, I was disappointed like everyone else, but isolation is not the answer, we should continue our efforts,” she said.

Tayebah asked current rulers of Afghanistan to work for peace in the country, not to deprive women of work and education opportunities because men and women in this country have equal rights.

“I want to wake up every day with more hope and give positive energy to my co-workers, maybe that’s the best thing I can do right now,” she said.

People who work in tailoring workshop with Tayebahare are satisfied with their working conditions.

Shirin is one of the tailors who works with the others in the clothing factory.

She says that after the fall of the previous regime, she was worried and was under mental pressure due to her unemployment, but now she works for her family’s economy.

Shirin believes that the clothing workshop, which is a completely feminine environment, is a good opportunity for her and her colleagues to earn money and improve their tailoring skills.


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