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Some people get passports on fake illness documents

Some people get passports on fake illness documents

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2 Jan 2022 - 17:11
Some people get passports on fake illness documents
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2 Jan 2022 - 17:11

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some people have obtained fake illness documents against money to apply and get passport after strict measures were enforced by authorities in passport application process, Pajhwok Afghan News has reliably learned.

It is worth mentioning that after the political change in the country, passport distribution process was stopped but it was resumed on September 05, 2021 by the new government in Kabul.

AlamGulHaqqani, head of the Central Passport Office, then said new passport forms will be distributed only to sick persons, government employees and sportsmen only.

People obtained passport through fake illness documents

Pajhwok findings showed some people got fake illness documents against money from commission agents and received passports on the basis of these documents.

Zulaikha, not a real name, from Kart-i-Parwan locality of Kabul said: “When passport distribution process started, I wanted to quickly get passport but Passport Office head announced that only sick persons could apply for passport. My supervisor who was a foreigner stressed that I should have passport so I referred to a commission agent in Jamhoriat Hospital.”

Zulaikha got fake illness documents from the hospital and got passport in the initial days on the basis of these fake documents.

She did not want to disclose the name of the commission agent but said the person worked in Human Resource Department of Jamhoriat Hospital.

She said some friends of her said that the Medical Law Department of the Ministry of Public Health also issued fake documents to people against money.

Another citizen, who did not want to be named in the report, said in current circumstances every doctor provided illness documents.

He said doctors in Aliabad, Wazir Akbar Khan and other state-run hospitals provided illness documents to people against money.

He added doctors in different social media groups checked public messages and then responded to them.

Ghulam Dastagir, a resident of capital Kabul, got illness document from one of the hospitals in Balkh province. He said he referred to the passport office two times but he was unable to see officials and was forced to return back.

Finally he said he had no option but to make fake illness document and applied on its basis for getting passport.

He added after getting illness documents he referred to the passport office and officials approved his application and within five days he got passport.

Karim, another resident of capital Kabul, who obtained passport on the basis of fake documents,  said he got one fake illness document for his one family member.

“I needed urgent passport because we were on our way to Germany so I had to get fake illness document from one of the state-run hospitals against $300.”

He, however, did not provide information about the hospital and commission agent.  “According to my information that person is arrested and is currently under investigation.”

Samim, a resident of Kabul’s 11th Municipality District, said: “I needed passport and visited Passport Office few times, they did not allow me inside because I had no illness document. Finally against 7,000 afs I made fake illness document from Jamhoriat Hospital.”

“I returned to the Passport Office with fake illness document and officials approved my application, I went through other processes and after four days I was able to get passport.”

We make fake illness documents: Online Commission Agents

Pajhwok reporter wrote in a Facebook group ‘MotarFaroshehaePul Pashto’: “I need illness documents, is there anyone to get it for me? Please help me, it is emergency, money is not an issue.”

Few minutes later an individual by the name of NisarPopal wrote: “Text me in Massager”

Nisar asked: What type of documents do you need, from private or public hospital. Pajhwok Reporter: No problem but if it is from state-run hospital it will be good. Nisar: Good, you need these documents for passport, if needed for passport then it will cost $700 in five days. Pajhwok Reporter: No, only illness documents are needed.

Commission agent said there may be possibility for patient examination and that could create some problem. “I talked to the doctor, he agreed on 10,000 afs, documents will be original, don’t worry, it will be ready by this evening or early tomorrow. Please send your name, father name and date of birth.”

Pajhwok reporter also entered another Facebook group ‘Open market for single key vehicle’ and wrote: “I need illness documents, Is there anyone to get it for me? Please help me, it is emergency, money is not an issue.”

A man named Haji DawodTawhidi in comment box wrote; “Come to whatsapp 0015064062006.”

Pajhwok report left message in the WhatsApp group and received response saying: “I can solve your problem, you faced with someone who is doctor, money is not an issue, don’t worry about it.”

He said: “what type of illness do you have, it is only an approval no issue, I don’t’ charge for examination fee but hospital head who stumps the letter asks for money.”

The commission agent said: “We shall mention illness that is not treatable in Afghanistan, if we list them then passport office will question you and may reject your application.”

“Ours is a private hospital, if private hospital is not acceptable you can ask friends. We can make state-run hospital documents as well.”

“If you want illness documents from state run hospital it will take two to three days and will cost $300. Please send your soft photograph so we could send them for documentation.”

But officials denied the allegations

Mohammad Behroz, chief physician at Aliabad hospital, denied the issuance of an imaginary (illegal) medical certificate at the hospital, saying that the hospital’s leadership was very serious in such matters and no one was allowed to do such things.

Dr. MohammadullahAlishangi, director of Jamhuriat hospital, told Pajhwok the procedure was that the patient had to first approach the department of health law and then he/she was referred to the hospital.

“There is a commission in the hospital which has 10 members, and bribery is impossible,” he said.

He said those who denied such certificate then they blame the hospital and its staff for taking bribes.

According to him, a person who had made a fake stump and made forged signatures had recently been arrested.

Sayed Abdullah Ahmadi, the head of Wazir Akbar Khan’s Hospital, denied the allegations of people, saying he had not given permission to anyone and would always monitor the process.

“One of our compatriots who has duty at the emirate brought a document for signature, when I did not sign the document, he got angry and said that he will transfer me by tonight,” he said.

He said he had not received any reports of forgery of medical records so far, and that those who did so would be prosecuted.

Dr. Abdul MananSaeedi, head of the public and private sector health facilities inspection department, rejected the issuance of documents in exchange for large amount of money by the health compliance inspection department.

He added that the request of urgent patients was currently submitted to the First Commission of Hospitals, and on Wednesdays, the documents approved by the hospitals were reviewed by the High Health Commission of the Ministry of Public Health.

He said in the past, one thousand people would refer daily, but currently about 100 approach, of which a total of 30 to 35 people were approved and others rejected due to lack of medical records.

Meanwhile, ShafiullahTasal, spokesman for the Passport Department, said they no longer accepted medical certificate from government hospitals.

“The doctors on duty see the patient, and if the patient is real, his/her work is done without the hospital’s letter.”

He said the decision was made due to the preparation of fake documents by hospitals.

Recently, the passport department announced the arrest of about 150 commissioners in the center and 25 to 30 in Kandahar, Kunduz, Logar and Herat provinces, and said that these people have been handed over to the law.

According to the department, commissioners from Herat province were arrested for forging passports for money.

Pajhwok also asked the Ministry of Public Health to comment on the matter, but the ministry’s media office has not yet responded to Pajhwok’s questions.


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