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Hopes run high as people welcome opening of universities

KABUL (Pajhwok): The opening of universities in warm areas of the country has been welcomed by students, professors and women’s rights activists and has made youths optimistic about their future.

After the fall of the previous regime on August 15 last year, all government departments, including educational institutions, were shuttered. However, some government departments gradually begin functioning, but state universities remained shut.

Abdul BaqiHaqqani, higher education minister, on Sunday said that public university classes in warm areas would begin on January 30.

Najiba, a student of journalism department at Kandahar University, told Pajhwok Afghan News, “I am very happy that our classes have started, when it was announced, I became very optimistic about our future.”

After the fall of the previous regime, all people were worried that girls might not have the right to education like in the previous regime of Islamic Emirate, but this idea turned out to be wrong when the universities reopened.

Meanwhile, FrohFarzam, a third-year student at Kabul Polytechnic University, said, “Our lessons were going very well until the arrival of the new government, but universities were closed for all students after the new administration came. Not only the universities, but also the schools were closed. We all thought that the door to education would be shut forever, particularly for women.”

“We had never expected to be able to go back to university one day or be allowed to go back to school,” she said. “We are all happy over the beginning of our lessons, we can continue our education and achieve our goals,” she said.

Medina Zahir Hassan, a student of journalism and mass communication in Kabul University, is also happy that educational centers are reopened for students and thanked the new government for its decision.

“We want more educational programs to build our intellectual capacity and normalize the education process,” she said.

“I and my colleagues have chosen education for a better tomorrow and peace, and we want to bring to our country prosperity with science and knowledge,” she said.

FerdawsNoori, a second-year student of law and political science in Kabul University, said he welcomed the Ministry of Higher Education’s decision to open state universities for students.

“Universities should have started earlier, but the government did not do that and we missed one or two of our semesters,” he said.

He hoped that all their classmates would return to their lessons and continue their studies, and called on the government to provide them with a better education environment.

SaharAryayee, another student of journalism, says that with the arrival of the new government, the young people, especially students, suffered the most as they were deprived of their education.

Amid high disappointments and frustration, reopening of universities could be a window of hope for the younger generation, she said.

“As a girl from this country and a student at Kabul University, I appreciate that I have been given the right to continue my education,” she said.

JavidAhmadi, head of Communication and Journalism Faculty at Kabul University, also said that he was happy with the opening of university. He said that the Ministry of Higher Education had promised to reopen universities earlier with separate classes for girls and boys.

He regretted the flight of academic figures from the country but said that professors were still present to teach students in all fields in return for some extra pay.

“We, the professors, are very optimistic about this decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and we support the beginning of classes and education process in Afghanistan,” he said.


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