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Afghan expats launch new movement called Republicans

Afghan expats launch new movement called Republicans

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25 Jul 2022 - 14:50
Afghan expats launch new movement called Republicans
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25 Jul 2022 - 14:50

ATLANTIA (Pajhwok): A number of Afghan expats have launched a new movement called “Republicans”, promising efforts for mounting pressure on parties to launch productive talks on the issues facing Afghanistan.

But the caretaker government says a system has already been put in place in Afghanistan. The IEA says it will not allow divisions and discrimination, urging the Afghans to avoid taking unsuccessful routes and work for their homeland under single leadership.

In a statement, the movement said on Monday: “Failed policies in the country, selfishness, continued attempts to seize power, repeated rejection of each other, foreign interference, long-term starvation and poverty have prolonged our instability. As a consequence, our system has collapsed.”

It added: “Extremism, violence, brutality, terrorism, migration and conflict have been dragging on. Millions of citizens have left the country, with educated and skilled Afghans have been unable to do anything for their country.”

Political unrest as well as social, economic and cultural instability had a point point where one group had grabbed power while another was fighting against it, the movement said, adding people were tired and frustrated.

According to the Republicans, the Afghans are suffering from starvation, deprived of education and employment due to the “ideological tyranny” of these groups. It went on to regret that the Afghans were isolated from the world and remained deprived of human sympathy and friendship.

With regard to the new movement, the statement said: “We are independent Afghan Republicans, believing in practical polices. We have launched a national politico-cultural process to find practical solutions to all problems of the country and to create an Afghan force that all Afghan can trust to steer the country out of the current crises.”

The movement favoured a republican and democratic system in Afghanistan based on the national constitution, in which all Afghans could express their political will in line with the law.

The national flag and all other accepted values should be respected and the country should be protected from all kinds of local and international interference,

The movement said: “For the true representation of the silent majority, we want to create a national axis that enlightened, republican, modern, and awake Afghans inside and outside the country can share their thoughts, intentions and actions.”

The movement said above all it was striving to gather as many young, experienced and enlightened Afghans as possible on the axis of an organized national republication movement.

However, it added, that pressure should be put on all the political parties involved to meet in a natural and secure place and launch meaningful talks for Afghanistan that would have results.

The republican group said that Afghanistan should be led to establish a republic democratic state according to the provisions of the constitution, and the national flag and all national values should be revived.

The official position of the republicans will be revealed by Shah Mahmood Miakhel, who is in charge of political affairs and speaks on behalf of the movement.

Miakhel, in a video message, spoke about the establishment and goals of this new movement.

But Zabihullah Mujahid, the government spokesman, told Pajhwok Afghan News that currently a system was available in Afghanistan and it did not allow divisions, fights and factionalism.

He added: “Afghanistan has suffered a lot in the past due to the import of such movements, names, titles and foreign ideas. Our message to Afghans is that they should avoid adopting going ways that have failed in Afghanistan.”

Mujahid continued; “This country, its people and the nation must be allowed to work for Afghanistan under one leader to maintain security. They should work hard for the prosperity and development of Afghanistan.”

He went on to explain: “The figures mentioned in this process have been there for the past 20 years. They have been completely ignored by the people. They have not left even a single good memory.

“Therefore, they should not waste their energies looking for a leader for the people. A single and united leadership alone can resolve the problems of Afghanistan.” He concluded.


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