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Education facilities almost not existing in Faryab’s Kohistanat district

Education facilities almost not existing in Faryab’s Kohistanat district

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21 Dec 2022 - 19:55
Education facilities almost not existing in Faryab’s Kohistanat district
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21 Dec 2022 - 19:55

MAIMANA (Pajhwok): Due to the lack of professional teachers in the Kohistanat district of northwestern Faryab province girls with below class 9th qualification have been teaching, according to local residents on Wednesday.

The lack of school building, textbooks and other learning materials for students are other problems the resident had talked about.

Nazeefa, the student of class sixth at Lolash Intermediate School, complained against the non-availability of schools and textbooks in her areas

She asked education officials to take steps for the creation of girls schools in their area because she and her other colleagues wanted to study.

She hoped to become a good doctor in the future because doctors and gynecologist because there was shortage of female doctors in their area.

She also termed the lack of professional teacher a huge challenge and said their teachers were not qualified and they studied until class 9th.

Mohammad Mazloomyar, a local influential persons said the state of education in Khoistan district was not good because most schools were without building, there is no equipment — chairs, tables — in the classrooms  and students were taught by teachers who studied until class ninth.

He added, In boys schools, there are some professional teachers who are from the municipal education department, However, in girls’ schools, teachers are hired from the urban area, they do not show up for duty, instead, ninth grade graduates are hired as teachers, who are not familiar with the principles of the trade union, the educational system, and the obligations of a professional teacher,” he said.

He said people want the acting government to address their problems and take necessary steps in this regard.

Lolash Education Director told Pajhwok Afghan News 35 schools, including two high schools 10 intermediate and 23 primary schools were functional in their area.

Acknowledging public complaints, he said only 8 schools had building and that needed rehabilitation. The remaining students studied in rent homes, under trees and open sky. In addition, he said no textbooks were existed as well.

At present, four secondary schools for women in Lolash and three secondary schools for women in Bandar do not have professional teachers, according to necessity, they are taught by girls who have already studied up to the ninth grade, as well as women who have knowledge of religious and are highly talented

According to him, due to the distance and bad roads, the girls’ elementary school in the Zindan area has not yet been able to hire a professional teacher or at least a woman who has studied up to the 9th grade. The students of the mentioned school are taught by the teachers of the local school.

Maulvi Hafizullah Mo’tasim Balleh, head of education in Faryab, confirmed public and the education director of Lolash views and said the challenge of lack of professional teachers and hiring girls below the ninth grade is not unique to Lolash; Rather, similar situation prevailed in the other three mountainous districts of this province Pashtunkot, Belcheragh and Garzivan.

He said they inherited education related problems from the past administration, adding that teachers hired at districts did not attended their classes but their sent other people instead of themselves.

“Over 300 teachers hired by the urban directorates of education had been dismissed because they did not attend their classes. Currently 120 men and women with 12th grade diploma or religious education had been hired. They were provided training workshop with the support of NGOs for capacity building purpose.”

Faryab Education Director said the problems and issues of the past 20 years could not be resolved in one or two years but it required more effort and time to improve the situation.

Ustad Niamatullah, one of the senior teachers, said professional and qualified teachers trained qualified students. Individuals who studied till class 9th are unawares of teaching method, education principles, rules and regulation so they could not train good students.

He said if the administration wanted to building up a professional and qualified education system there were countless qualified persons in the area.

Azizullah Dehyar, a retired officer of the education department regarding the specialties of a teacher said: “The degree of education, the field of study and the necessary skills of a teacher should be considered and hired through open competition, not based on relationships and choice.”

He said without Kohistan, there were 10,000 bachelor and university graduates in Faryab. Educated men are going abroad for work and girls are stayed at home not allowed to work.

He said girls high schools were open in Balcharagh, Pashtonkot and Garezwan districts and annually up to 100 girls graduated from high school.

According to the education rules when bachelor teacher is not available in the far-flung areas 12 class graduate could be hired there, he added.


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