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Nimroz tribes reconcile ending 8-year-old feud

Nimroz tribes reconcile ending 8-year-old feud

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26 Jan 2023 - 20:32
Nimroz tribes reconcile ending 8-year-old feud
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26 Jan 2023 - 20:32

ZARANJ (Pajhwok): Two families in the Dilaram District of southwestern Nimroz province have reconciled through the mediation of local authorities and elders ending their eight years of enmity.

Dilaram District Chief Mullah Gul Nabi Nafez, who was part of the tribal Jirga for reconciliation, told Pajhwok Afghan News: “The two families are relatives and their feud started from verbal clash on a piece of land and with the passage of time their dispute got complicated.”

He said the two families hailed from the Kaj Sitar village and as a result of dispute the family belonged to Valarzai tribe killed one person from the Noorzai tribe.

Later one person from the Valarzai tribe went missing and the opposing side believed that it was kidnapped by the Noorzai tribe.

“These tribes, who have family and kinship ties with each other, did not participate in each other’s sorrows and joys for many years and had severed their ties, but today they reconciled due to the efforts of the Delaram local administration,” he said.

Mullah Hafeezullah, a tribal elder from Noorzai tribe, said initially the disputed started from a verbal argument between two individuals from the two tribes and they first had a physical fight and after a while one of their young men was killed by that Larzi tribe and this caused enmity between them

Hafeezullah added: “They suffered the loss of a family member in the enmity but still they decided to reconcile. Some of the elders of the tribe were against it and the tribal jirga reconciliation efforts were not producing result but with the efforts of the village people, the local government and the elders of this Jirga a fine result was achieved.”

He said fighting and bloodshed has no outcome in Afghanistan and if it could give any result Afghanistan would have been benefited from the 40 years of war.

“Now we are very happy that after years we hugged each other and now we will be able to live a life without fear and trouble,” he added.

Abdul Sattar an elder from the Walarzai tribe said: “Enmity kept us away from one another for years. We offered sacrifice as well but at the end of the day we had to reconcile.”

He said the two families have relationship and family links but due to enmity they afraid of one another all the time.

“We are happy that today we can look at each other’s faces with smiles and happiness after years and feel relaxed,” he added.

“In the beginning, when a young man was killed and the enmity started, we stayed up all night and moved our families to another village. We were afraid of aggression from the other side and had security measures”

Abdul Sattar said peace bring stability, security and happiness adding that he was thrilled that after eight years of enmity there is reconciliation between the two sides and they could now live peacefully.

Religious scholar Mawlavi Mohammad Esa, who played vital role in the reconciliation of the two tribes, said the reconcilitation will bring stability in the society.

Sediqullah, an elder from the Kaj Satar area, said the reconciliation was a welcome gesture and linked the move with an end to the bloodshed between the two families.

He said the two tribes offered invitation to each other’s and celebrated the reconciliation traditionally.

The elders of the two tribes urged other families to resolve their differences and reconcile.



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