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Nangarhar families reconcile after 12-year feud

Nangarhar families reconcile after 12-year feud

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11 Mar 2023 - 18:25
Nangarhar families reconcile after 12-year feud
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11 Mar 2023 - 18:25

JALALABAD (Pajhwok): A family in the Momandara district of eastern Nangarhar province has resettled in its ancestral place after 12 years of displacement.

Way for the return of Alaf Khan’s family was paved after reconciliation with Akhtar Baz’s family.

Both cousins entered enmity 12 years back when they fought over children which resulted in the killing and injuring of Akhtar Baz’s sons.

Alaf Khan spent the past 12 years in displacement and away from his relatives, he always strived to reconcile with Baz and end the enmity, but the later who lost one son and another was injured was committed to take revenge.

Abdul Zahoor Salarkhan, a tribal elder who head the reconciliation Jirga between the two families, said few months earlier he started efforts for reconciliation between the two families.

He said Baz was committed to take revenge and disagreed with reconciliation. He added after the efforts of tribal elders Baz finally agreed to reconcile without any privilege.

“With our own expenses, we went to Pakistan often and made efforts to make reconciliation between the two families,” he said.

He said the people of Hazar Naw area were deeply saddened by the enmity between the two families because both were good people and serve the village.

“We locally call them Nayan — hear dresser — they were our Nayan and served our people. We made our efforts for the sake of Allah because these people served use,” he said.

Abdullah Moman, another member of the Jirga said in the past daughter of sister were granted for such reconciliation but now they tried to make this reconciliation without any privilege.

Alaf Khan, whose sons killed their cousins, and initiated this enmity, said they were now comfortable after 12 years with the support of tribal elders’ reconciliation.

He told Pajhwok Afghan News: “Even if we were in Pakistan and the security situation was good but we always afraid that we will be attacked, our children could not go to school and our youth could not worked.”

He said they will make sure that their children do not repeat these type of activities in the future.

Akhtar Baz whose young son was killed and another injured in the enmity said he reconciled for the sake of Allah and for the future of both families and reversed his decision to take revenge.

“We thank our elders that they resolved our problem. My family decision was that we will take revenge because we are Pashtons but now their mediation and their talks change my decision,” he added.

He said if children get education these type of incident will not be repeated and the society will also progress.

Sadiqullah Qureshi, deputy head of Nangarhar’s Information and Cultural Affairs, said efforts were on through the Department of Tribal Affairs to bring an end to personal enmities in districts and villages.

“There was four decades of fighting in Afghanistan, people are uneducated, there is lack of awareness and the number of enmities are more. Only tribal Jirgas could resettle these types of enmities,” he added.

Nangarhar, known for Jirga and negotiations had witnessed reconciliation of personal enmities in the past as well.


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