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Being forced to drop out, students hit out at professors

Being forced to drop out, students hit out at professors

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13 Apr 2023 - 13:32
Being forced to drop out, students hit out at professors
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13 Apr 2023 - 13:32

JALALABAD (Pajhwok): Students of public universities in Nangarhar, Kandahar and Helmand provinces claim some professors have given them low marks, dashing their hopes for foreign scholarships,

Pajhwok Afghan News has gained a copy of result sheets of some faculties of Nangarhar, Helmand and Kandahar universities.

The results show 35 of 48 first year students of the engineering faculty at the Helmand Higher Education Institute were forced into compartments exams while 13 others succeeded in calculus.

A compartment refers to less than 55 marks — pass marks — in an exam. The student has to retake the exam in the relevant subject to qualify.

Of 90 third year students of the Economics Faculty of Kandahar University, 40 were awarded less than 60 marks and more than 20 forced into compartments.

At the Nangarhar University, 75 of 129 4th year students of the medical faculty have secured pass marks while 14 others have to reappear in the next exam.

Similarly, 11 of 35 students of the same university have been declared successful in Nutrition and 10 have fallen short of the target.

Meanwhile, students worried about their scholarship prospects and entitlement for sitting competitive exams in the future.

A Nangarhar University student, who declined to be named, said: “I was expecting to be among the top 10, because my percentage was pretty high.

“Unfortunately, someone told the teacher something about me and I had to faced compartment. The teacher asked me for 10,000 afghanis to ensure my success.”

“I applied for rechecking. Obviously, I had answered all questions but the teacher insisted on useless things in the paper. He made me leave the university, I was almost suffering from mental torture,” he claimed.

Abdul Ghaffar, another student of the Nangarhar University, told Pajhwok: “We are worried about percentage for competitive exams. Without the required percentage, we are bound to face problems in the future in getting admissions to master’s and doctoral programmes.

“For many, teaching opportunities have also vanished and applying for scholarships for studies abroad is another big issue.”

He said with this in mind, students were striving to attain the required marks. “A professor who cannot teach properly often includes tough questions in the paper so that students get low marks.”

Qahar Atif, a student of Kandahar University, said many pupils planned to become teachers in the future. They, therefore, did not want to face compartment or low percentage. He alleged some teachers were doing so out of animosity towards students.

In Afghan universities affiliated with the Ministry of Higher Education, more than 75 marks are considered high and below 55 a compartment.

Forced to leave university

A student of the engineering faculty of Kandahar University, who did not want to be named, claimed: “Some teachers look at us like enemies.”

He complained: “I’ve developed mental problems due to these teachers. The doctor asked me to choose between mental peace and the engineering faculty.”

Another student of Nangarhar University charged: “Pupils here have been forced to quit.” Some professors do not focus on teaching and tell students to memorise entire chapters, he grumbled.

Sharif said: “My younger brother is enrolled in the engineering faculty of Paktia University. Teachers had scared him into putting his semester on hold…”

Another student, who also wished to go unnamed, revealed a delegation from the Ministry of Higher Education visited the Nangarhar University to investigate the issue after complaints on social media about students being given low marks.

But Nangarhar University Chancellor Dr Khalil Ahmad Behsudwal said he had appointed a delegation, led by members of the examination committee and including some professors, to probe the problems of students.

The delegation had evaluated the papers of all students of the faculties where complaints were filed. There was no problem and students were satisfied, he insisted.

Kandahar University Chancellor Ikram Shah Asim said before the exams, a committee was constituted at every faculty.

The examinations were held under its supervision and evaluation, he said, acknowledging every student reserves the right to refer to the committee to his papers rechecked.

Ahmad Zia Elham, director of public relations at the Sheikh Zayed University in Khost, said: “Since the fall of the previous government, students have been indifferent towards attendance and failure. That’s why they neither attend classes nor prepare for exams.”

He commented: “Teachers are not angels who do not have problems, or do not maintain personal contracts or meet all standards. Some teachers want the ability of students to improve.”

Pajhwok shared the issue with the media office of the MoHE, but received no response.



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