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Mawlavi Abdul Kabir encourages media to disclose realities

KABUL (Pajhwok): The acting Prime Minister’s Political Aide Mawlavi Abdul Kabir has stressed over the positive role of media and said without press the society was incomplete.

He expressed the view during Iftar dinner to which heads of the media outlets and political experts were invited, his office twitter handle wrote.

It added officials of the foreign and internal media outlets, political affairs experts and journalists have shared their views with the acting political aide.

The participants stressed over the organisations of similar gatherings for improved interaction and coordination.

They added the purpose of criticism was to bring improvement and demanded further empowerment of the Afghan media outlets.

They stressed that people never wanted fighting in the country and they were tired of fighting.

The Acting Prime Ministers Political Aide Mawlavi Abdul Kabir said: “We considered media and political experts as our cooperators and assured journalists as bridge between the IEA and the masses.”

He asked media outlets and civil society activists to disclose the realities of the society and refrain from propaganda campaign/

He said: “We are happy that you give us good advices and disclose realities this will help the governance system and accomplish what has left behind.”

He stressed and added: “We should not come under the influence of western propaganda and some biased foreign media outlets.

He considered media vital for a society and added without vibrant media a society is incomplete.


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