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Disabled Gul committed to work hard for future

MEHTARLAM (Pajhwok): Gullab Gull, 14, is a disable teenage from eastern Laghman province to perform all his work on feet without fastening his shirt buttons.

Born 14 years ago without arms in the Kahoo area of Alingar district, Gull disability is congenital.

He is currently studying in class 7th in Mehtarlam city, the provincial capital of Laghman province.

Gullab Gull during his exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News said, that he was not disappointed from his life and still thanked Almighty God on his current condition.

He said: “My father was martyred during the previous regime, my mother is living with my three sisters and two brothers in the village and I live here in Mehtarlam city with my uncle”.

According to Gullab Gull, he is studying on the second position of the 7th class of a private school.

He, in a response to a question said: “I love my mother a lot, because not every person can be someone’s mother, my mother suffered a lot of difficulties with me, I had no arms, addition to feeding me, she raised me with love”.

He said I want to become a good civil engineer in the future and serve my society.

He said: “I do all of my works such as eating, drinking, getting ablution, wearing clothes, combing my hair and writing with the help of my feet, the only thing I can’t do is fastening my buttons”.

Gullab Gull sent a message to those youth who do not study: “Look at my patience and conditions, how many problems I am dealing with, I am writing with my feet but still I have not lost my courage”.

Sulaiman, the uncle of Gullab Gull told Pajwok Afghan News: although my nephew does not have arms, but I am very pleased with his talent.

Sulaiman said: “I work all the day as laborer, I dig wells for people, I go 50 meters deep in the wells and shouldered every problem to take care of Gllab Gull along with my other children”.

He said, we live in poverty, sometimes there a chance of work but sometimes we can’t find any work, I ask the government to help us for a better future for Gullab Gull.

But Mohammad Noman Bahir, the principal of Ikhlas Qani Private School told Pajhwok, Gullab Gull has been their student since his first class until now and he has a unique talent and he is good at all the subjects.

He said, they specially trained Gullab Gull to learn writing with his foot in the first three classes, but now he has no problem with writing with his foot.

Bahir said, the administration of the school is cooperating with Gullab Gull by providing him with stationery, books and uniform.

But Zahor Gull, the teacher of English Language told Pajhwok, all the teachers are paying special attention to Gullab Gull to be able to speak fluently in English.

Although Gulab Gull was born to his mother congenital disabled, four decades of continuous wars in Afghanistan have taken the organs of hundreds of thousands of children, youth, men and women, and they currently live with disabilities.


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