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Avoid using plastic containers in refrigerator: Experts

Avoid using plastic containers in refrigerator: Experts

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16 Jul 2023 - 19:18
Avoid using plastic containers in refrigerator: Experts
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16 Jul 2023 - 19:18

KABUL (Pajhwok): Physicians have termed the use of plastic containers to freeze water in refrigerators dangerous for human health and warned the practice may have consequences.

This comes that physicians always recommended drinking more water in order to ensure the presence of adequate water inside human body.

Today (Sunday), it is July 16 and the temperature is 32c but human body start losing resistance against heat when the temperature crosses the 40c mark.

Side effects of drinking freezing cold water

Dr. Noorullah Mansour, head of the Ataturk National Specialisation Hospital, said every year during summer the temperature reaches nearly 40c and human body required more water at this stage.

While recommending drinking more water during high temperature, Dr. Mansour also warned against drinking freezing cold water and said this may have side effects.

He said: “Research shows that drinking completely frozen cold water could cause a sore throat, low blood flow to the brain, headache, toothache, tooth sensitivity, and delayed food digestion.”

He said individuals suffering from stomach and half headache pain should not drink a lot of cold water, because this could aggravates their problems.

Dr. Ashraf Parsa, an internal disease specialist serving in the Bamyan Provincial Hospital, also stressed over drinking enough water during summer.

He asked people to take clean drinking water, health liquids and avoid drinking frozen cold water.

He said taking completely frozen water could cause disorder of the digestive system, constipation, nervous problems and bad effects on the liver

Dr. Parsa said memory loss, slowness of mind, puffiness around the eyes and drowsiness are other side effects of drinking iced water.

Avoid using plastic containers for freezing water: Physicians

Dr. Syed Farid Shah Rafaie, internal disease expert in the Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan Hospital, said the use of plastic containers in refrigerators to freeze water was not a healthy practices and drinking such waters are dangerous for health.

“Harmful substances from bottles and plastic containers got mixed with water in the refrigerator and cause various diseases when drunk,” he said.

He said ice is packed in a plastic container, and it gets too attached to the bottle or plastic, and the same material can be separated from the plastic and mixed with water and enter the human body

Referring to plastic made water bottle he said these bottles are disposable and some other plastic bottles have an expiration date.

Dr. Rafaie said: “Frequent use of disposable bottles is dangerous because the same chemicals in the plastic are mixed with the water that we consume.”

He recommended the use of aluminum bottles instead of plastic bottles in refrigerator.


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