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Wearing uniform by security forces key to order: Heratis

Wearing uniform by security forces key to order: Heratis

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13 Aug 2023 - 20:17
Wearing uniform by security forces key to order: Heratis
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13 Aug 2023 - 20:17

HERAT CITY (Pajhwok): The government has begun distributing uniforms to security forces, however, the residents of western Herat province want this process to be expedited.

Zabihullah Achakzai, a resident of Herat city, told Pajhwok Afghan News that uniforms were crucial to telling apart between security forces and illegal gunmen.

“If security forces do not wear special uniforms, opportunists can impersonate as security personnel and such incidents had already happened,” he said.

He said the situation could be managed well if security forces were provided with uniforms.

Azizur Rahman Kakar, another resident, said they could differentiate between security forces and common people only if they wore uniform.

He said currently security forces were seen in plain clothes at some check points or in patrol in the city and no one knew to which department they belonged to. “The continuation of this situation may lead to social and security disorder.”

Police officials admit the concerns of residents and say the uniform distribution process has been already started and its completion will take some more time.

Abdullah Insaf, police headquarters spokesman, said uniforms that reached Herat province had been distributed to security forces of some districts and some police districts of the city.

He said they were trying to complete the uniform distribution process all over the province.

Experts term uniform key to maintaining security and preventing criminals from committing crimes

Ali Ahamd Mohammadi, a lecturer at Herat University, told Pajhwok uniformed security forces could prevent wrongdoers from robbing or creating threats to the people.

“Having uniform is a need of security forces in every country especially those who keep security,” he added.

He added: “If security forces have a special uniform, the residents can identify them, such situation will prevent thieves from commiting thefts or creating threats to other people”.

Residents of other major cities have expressed similar views about ununiformed security forces and have demanded that all security forces should wear uniform.



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