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What should have been done by the IEA in past 2 years?

What should have been done by the IEA in past 2 years?

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15 Aug 2023 - 11:07
What should have been done by the IEA in past 2 years?
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15 Aug 2023 - 11:07

KABUL (Pajhwok): Some analysts say the Islamic Emirate should have drafted a constitution during the last two years, convened a Loya Jirga and should have held government meetings, opened the gates of educational centers for girls and prevented professional people from escaping the country.

According to analysts, if the IEA had carried out these activities, there would have been consensus within the country, no sanctions would have been imposed on Afghanistan and it would have good interaction with the world and there would have been political stability.

The previous government collapsed in August, 2021, and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan took over and created the current caretaker government.

Today (Monday) marked the completion of 24 months of the re-establishment of the IEA.

The incumbent officials call the two-year journey of the Emirate full of achievements. They say the bloody war has stopped, security strengthened, some major projects in progress and the national budget derived from domestic revenues.

The officials say they kept the afghani stable and made efforts for the development of several sectors.

But analysts say there are some other important things that the Islamic Emirate should have considered in the past two years.

Analysts: The following things should have been done in past 24 months

  • Drafting Constitution
  • Establishing an inclusive government
  • Convening a Loya Jirga
  • Allowing girls’ education
  • Leaving no excuse to the world for interaction
  • Improving economic affairs
  • Appointing professionals to key posts
  • Preventing professional individuals from fleeing abroad
  • Creation of working opportunities for women instead of restrictions

Political expert Qazi Najibullah Jama told Pajhwok Afghan News that the Islamic Emirate should have taken a number of steps in the past two years based on people’s wishes and should have brought reforms in government affairs.

He said: “A constitution should have been prepared and presented to a Loya Jirga for inputs from the elites of Afghanistan and the constitution should have been approved through a referendum.”

“In addition, there should be independent ministers and governors and they should hold highest positions.”

Jameh said in the past two years, a Loya Jirga should have been convened to resolve the political situation in Afghanistan and all tribes and political parties should have participated in the Jirga in order to be consulted on how to design domestic politics and define foreign policy.

According to him, work should have been done on how Afghans should have a system because the nature of the current government is not defined based on the law and the legitimacy of the people.

According to him, girls’ education is a serious issue and should have been resolved long ago as repeatedly promised by the acting government.

He said in the past two years, the education field in the country should have been strengthened and expanded to areas where people lack access to in the past 20 years due to the conflict.

Jameh said: “In foreign policy, serious steps should have been taken to get Afghanistan out of isolation, politics should have been organized in such a way that it would have reduced world’s conditions and issues should have been dealt with behind the scenes.”

According to him, work has also been done in the economic sector, but still a lot of work is needed to be done in this sector because Afghanistan is not economically stable.

He said: “Political parties should be formed in Afghanistan because it is very important, it is impossible to share power in Afghanistan without political parties. Elections and political parties are very important for the people, which should be given a place in the future constitution of Afghanistan.”

He believed if these things had been done, there would not have been a gap between the people and the government and there would have been consensus within the country, Afghanistan would not have faced “cruel” sanctions from the world and the region.

He added: “Afghanistan is facing severe unemployment due to the economic crisis and the government should create job opportunities, hand over work to eligible people, and do not discriminate against anyone that if you belong to IEA or not.”

He said solution to Afghanistan’s problems and the continuation of the government lied in national unity.

Jameh said policies that isolate Afghanistan in the world should be avoided and the people should be given a greater share in the system an more work should be done for national unity, and the escape of cadres should be prevented.

Political affairs expert Najibullah Azad says in the past two years, instead of providing opportunities for girls’ education, the current acting government destroyed the available opportunities and deprived millions of girls of education.

He said the educational curriculum was based on Shariah and there was no Shariah justification or cultural problem to prevent girls from pursuing education.

He said the caretaker government barred women from work instead of providing them more jobs after the end of the conflict.

According to him, due to the lack of law in the last two years, internal legitimacy has been lost and only one ideology is in power.

Azad says in the last two years, 30 staff and university professors left Afghanistan while human resources are the capital of a country.

He also said: “In the past two years, a government should have been created that belongs to all Afghans, it should have been created by a Loya Jirga or through elections.”



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